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Time by Einstein
The seventh Jamie Poole Diary
 Follow Jamie Poole in this historical time-traveling series.
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About the Author

I was born in the United States, living in various states. My grandmother was Canadian, and one day I thought, "Canada is the place you ought to be."  So I loaded up the truck, and we moved by the sea.

My constant childhood companions, at my dad's encouragement, were books: Edgar Allan Poe, Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Mark Twain. I've  always told stories.  As a teen I told stories through comics. A hint of Science Fiction bled through. In university  I composed short stories. Later it was time to write a book. I dusted off a story about a boy and a dragon. The boy became a girl. What originally appeared  a single story evolved into an odyssey, revolving around the girl who, much like me, grew up in a small Indiana town.  


In my youth we traveled extensively in North America and abroad. Forget Disney! We visited archaeological sites, historic battle fields, and castles. Other times my dad, the enthusiastic genealogist, took us to graveyards, hunting relatives. Perhaps that sounds morbid, but it played its part, building a foundation for storytelling. The experience taught me you can't choose your relatives, but you can dig them up...figuratively. Lizzie Borden was only one notorious ancestor. Since then I've dug up several living relatives to balance things.

Again it was my dad, much like Jamie's, who introduced me to Science Fiction. Doctor Who, Star Trek,  and others were staple TV programs. Add to that a diet of Carl Sagan. My dad never realized what he inspired. Science Fiction became the catalyst for telling a good story. 

I didn't pursue archaeology, and part of me is disappointed, even if I took up it as a hobby. Mark Twain's advice to write what you know stuck like peanut butter and is something to which I commit as I draw upon personal experience. You decide which is real and which is fantasy. I hope you enjoy reading the Jamie Poole Diaries as much I enjoyed creating them.

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