Is Time Travel real?
There are many theories around time travel, including the Grandfather/Grandmother Paradox which was included in the Back to the Future franchise. This series explores popular theories.
Halifax Harbour during WWII
As Canada prepared for war in late 1939, the advantages of Halifax’s port were considered of value for military purposes. Halifax harbour was large and deep, ice-free and close to Great Circle shipping routes from Europe to the Eastern Seaboard of North America.
Warships in the Bedford Basin
Allied ships organized to join the Battle of the Atlantic in the Bedford Basin, part of the Halifax Harbour.
Canadian Wartime Poster
One of many posters seen throughout Canada during WWII. Citizens were warned not to share sensitive information. Halifax was known to have had Nazis secretly living in the city during the war.
Tristan was Here
Graffiti in a bunker located in Sleepy Cove, near York Redoubt, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This image was used as a wormhole for Jamie to discover.
Karelian flag
Karelia is land located between Finland and Russia and is divided between both countries. The Winter War, a war during WWII was fought in this region.
Battle of the Beanfield
The Battle of the Beanfield took place on 1 June 1985.
Stonehenge Alliance
Stonehenge Alliance is a group of organizations whose goal is to protect Stonehenge and its landscape.
The Beltane stone
Like England's Stonehenge, America's Stonehenge has various stone markers arranged in a circle.
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