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Einstein: Time travel has happened

Time travel. This subject will be revisited often.

In The Isle of Osiris, Jamie and her dad resurrect a Druidess. Jamie also first learns about the Celtic Otherworld. In future books, Jamie travels to the Otherworld. The Otherworld and locations listed in the series such as the Place Between Worlds are “other dimensions.” Exploring a Multidimensional Universe is a topic deserving its own blogs. However, for the purposes of this discussion, time can move at different speeds in different dimensions.

Science Fiction has explored the idea of time travel and traveling between dimensions in comic books, literature, movies, and TV shows. People are fascinated by it. Young Jamie was not prepared to experience it and, at first, doesn’t realize it’s happening. It becomes as “normal” to her as traveling between rooms in her house.

But is it possible? She explores this as she wonders how she or others have traveled in time. And, is it ethical? (A topic for other blogs.) Many theories are presented throughout the series. Einstein’s theories are discussed, especially when, as in The Tome of Tubal-Cain, events happening thousands of years ago have direct impact on Jamie’s life. She says:

Time isn’t a fixed line of events with the oldest thing happening first like some chronological list. It can loop and overlap. Einstein compared time to a river that ebbs and flows and constantly changes. Events that happened 6000 years ago, 2000 years ago, or 200 years ago can impact “today” more significantly than something that happened yesterday.

“Today” is a relative term….

Einstein has said time travel has already happened. Other scientists echo what he’s claimed. Simply put in this blog: One way to achieve time travel into the future would be travelling at the speed of light in space, as first theorised by Albert Einstein.

Another way, easy for you to replicate at home, would be to look at your reflection in the bathroom mirror. It works on the principle that, when you look at yourself in a mirror, you aren’t seeing YOU but the BACK IN TIME you. How? When you look at a mirror, the light rays start off at your eyeball, bounce on the mirror, get reflected back off into your eye, thus creating the mirrorical picture you see. It takes TIME for those light rays to do all that stuff, going off your eyes, travelling headfirst into the glass of the mirror with a bang, then painfully lugging the picture off the mirror’s surface into your eye again Light travels at 3 million miles per second, which means it takes 0.0008763 seconds between the light going out of your eye, and you seeing the YOU in the mirror. In short, you are seeing the YOU that was in existence 0.0008763 seconds in the PAST. You can NEVER see the NOW you.

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