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Druid Hill Stone Circle, Massachusetts

A short drive from Salem, NH, and America’s Stonehenge will bring you to Lowell, MA.

Allegedly there is a circle of stones there. Well, there is a circle of stones. Well…um,…there are stones, but upon closer inspection they’re not in a circle.

The ‘circle’ is about 114 feet by 62’ and is more egg-shaped than circular. The stones sit upon a raised earth mound. With the curiosities in Salem, this places wishes not to be overlooked.

It appears to have been documented in 1659 on the edge of an Indian reservation. It remained in in the Varnum family from 1667 for 250 years. In the early 1900s an isolation hospital initially for tuberculosis patients was built on land adjacent to the stone circle site. The hospital was later razed in 1953. The land was converted to a public park. There is much public documentation of the area while the hospital was in use, but the standing stones are never mentioned.

In 1985 an archaeological excavation was conducted by the University of Lowell with funding from the Massachusetts Historical commission. Students, volunteers, and university members participated. The dig lasted eight weeks. What they found initially was a lot of typical trash from the early 20th century due to the area being a park. Then, as they dug deeper, they found some interesting evidence. Odd paving stones dating from the 1900s and red brick had been used to prop the standing stones. Red brick is not material used by Stone Age builders.

The evidence may indicate that Druid Hill was moved from its original location to make way for the hospital. Again rumors abounded. Some thought there was a connection with Aleister Crowley. Others remarked on how the site looked suspiciously like the same shape as an Ouija board. There have been some odd experiences there. However, were they real or were they perpetrated by people whose imagination ran wild with assumptions based more on fantasy than fact?

It may never be known. If the site was noted in the 1600s, what is seen today may not be the original site. Too much tampering has prevented archaeologists from providing definitive evidence.

The official record states that the site is a ‘turn of the century folly built for reasons unknown.’ And if it has been moved, further evidence is lost. It becomes a place to visit, consider briefly, and then leave. It stands, perhaps as an example of people tampering with a site and destroying the evidence before it can be discovered. If there was something there, we may never find it.

The riddle remains unanswered.

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