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Book Excerpt: Battle of the Beanfield

A side story revealing new insights into the family of Dorothy Davis, the oddly fashioned grandmother.

Based on true events of the Battle of the Beanfield and Stonehenge.

The Free Festival has happened annually at Stonehenge since 1974. June 1, 1985, the Wiltshire police intend to prevent it at any cost. What will occur will leave a black eye in England’s history. A clash between police and the Peace Convoy, a convoy of several hundred New Age Travellers including women and babies, left hundreds of cars as burned out shells. It resulted in one of the largest mass arrests since World War II.

History meets fantasy as Dorothy Davis and her family join the Peace Convoy headed for Stonehenge. Dorothy has just lost her vision and is coping with a new life of blindness. Her daughter, Linda, is rebellious and would rather be anywhere but stuck in a hippy-painted Winnebago with her parents.

Until she meets Tristan.

The mysterious Tristan has appeared throughout the Jamie Poole series but has never primarily featured. His name has been synonymous with a curse. Tristan has come to Stonehenge for his own reasons. He feeds on chaos. He knows this particular day will be loaded with chaos, and he doesn’t wish to miss the fun. Will he harm Linda? Or protect her during the clash with police? What motivates him?

Follow this side story that exposes more of who is this “monster who changed time” as Jamie calls him. Jamie’s roommate, Lenore, is Linda’s daughter. What role might he have played in Lenore’s destiny?

Historically speaking, this is a critical modern moment, sometimes forgotten, in Stonehenge’s history. This story provides a snapshot into a fascinating archaeological site. From a fantasy perspective, the “monster of time” is just getting started tweaking time. He’s going to have some fun!

New truths are revealed that will impact Jamie's life.

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