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Book Excerpt: Resurrection of the Druidess

Continue Jamie's story.

Two women. Two tied destinies. Two millennia.

One enigmatic sword.

Jamie Poole’s destiny is to help the Departed. She hears dead people. They cry on the wind, begging for help and vindication. They visit like the grandmotherly ghost who foretold a year ago things would happen.

Then Jamie and her dad accidentally resurrected an ancient Celtic woman named Eliyana using a magical sword. Turns out she’s not just Celtic, she’s a Druidess haunted by her past.

In Resurrection of the Druidess, the anticipated conclusion of The Isle of Osiris, the veil separating our world and the Otherworld is rent in two. Creatures cross the threshold to this world with one purpose: cause chaos. Chaos with a purpose: aid their master, the High Druid, locate Eliyana. The sword called Lumen possesses unimaginable powers.

Jamie and Eliyana have to work together to protect Jamie, her family, and Eliyana against the coming dangers.

There’s only one problem. Eliyana has disappeared. Can Eliyana survive in a world 1500 years into her future? Will she return to help Jamie stop supernatural events?

Meanwhile the Dead, those killed in Eliyana’s time, continue to implore help. They were killed too soon by acts committed by the High Druid. The only way Jamie can succeed in helping them is to join forces with Eliyana. It is Eliyana’s destiny to lead her people.

How can Eliyana lead people dead almost 1500 years?

Can she return to her own time as she desires? Can she forgive herself for the acts that led to being in the tomb and subsequently found by Jamie and her dad?

Things get more complicated as people from Jamie’s time also set their eyes on Lumen. Most scientists believed it to be a myth. Lumen will reveal its power to the world. Something so powerful cannot be hidden long.

In this second Jamie Poole Diary, Jamie must work with Eliyana or they both will fail. Jamie dreams of adventure. Is this more than she anticipated? And who is her dad? He’s an Egyptologist by trade. That’s “what” he is. The “who” is illusive and her dad refuses to explain. There is far more to his story as it begins to unfold.

Jamie’s journey only begins in this sequel. She has much more to learn. About her dad. About Lumen. And most importantly, about herself.

Continue the story.

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