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What do Stonehenge & a Greek mathematician have in common?

From Destiny of the Departed (October 31, 2018):

“If you want to use the standing stones at America’s Stonehenge to travel in time, all you need to know is where the sun is going to rise.” Granny D took the drawing and wrote strange, giant symbols that might have been a mathematical formula to the side.

“How many standing stone-henge-things are there?” Lenore asked.

I said, “There’s the one on the Isle of Osiris. It’s smaller than Stonehenge, but has the same concept with a small stone altar in the center.”

“Fascinating. I would love to see it one day. Do you think you could take me?”

“I’m sorry, Granny D. It’s really a hard place to get to. And it’s not set up for tours.”

“An old lady can dream. Anyway, Lenore, we can’t say how many there are. They’re still being found. Stone circles and henges tend to be in the northern hemisphere. There’s Stonehenge, in Wiltshire, England, Newgrange, near Dublin, the Orkney Islands north of Scotland, and Callanish in the Hebrides to list a few. Cornwall has the most megalithic structures per square mile than anywhere in the world. Jamie, what is the latitude of the Isle of Osiris? Any idea?”

I recited it like it was my home address: “59°50'6.96"N latitude and 7°13'30.88"W longitude. It’s due east of the Shetland Islands.”

“Excellent.” She wrote huge numbers beside the symbols. “Do you know there are thousands megalithic structures? They’re found all across Europe. I think one was found recently in Brazil. There’s even one in the Nubian Desert. Regardless…. Did Eliyana’s people erect the stones?”

“No, it was there before them. They don’t know who built it.”


And so Jamie’s off, planning her first trip through time.

In The Tome of Tubal-Cain she traveled to the Otherworld, which is another dimension outside our own. Time ran differently there. Now she intends to travel backwards to fix time. She must stop the murder of hundreds of people, killed prematurely and unjustly. She’s been haunted by them most of her life. At last she started listening and agreed to the impossible. She must go back in time and stop the murder who killed them to impact Time. Not a small act.

Jamie only knows one way to travel using the Otherworldly sword Lumen: use a stone circle like America’s Stonehenge. Granny D with her unusual abilities is the likely candidate to provide guidance. Jamie is new to time travel, having just received Lumen in The Tome of Tubal-Cain.

Previous to traveling to Granny D’s house to solicit her help, Jamie admits to herself: All this talk of hearing Voices, traveling to the Otherworld, or visiting long-dead warrior-monks might sound strange—Booby Hatch strange even—but trust me. It’s real. Very real. Welcome to my life.

The fiction behind this story is the idea that such ancient structures are capable to allowing someone to travel between planes or to different points in time. These structures turn up on so many novels from the Outlander series to Tess of the d’Urbervilles. While it isn’t unique to the Jamie Poole series, the series offers a new view of megalithic structures and expand its own unique universe.

The fact behind the story is just as Granny D mentions: there are thousands of these megalithic structures found across the world. The highest concentration of them are in Britain and Ireland, but they extend to Poland and Egypt and beyond, where perhaps one wouldn’t consider them being. Many of these structures align to solar or lunar risings on solstice days or other key dates to ancient man. Archaeologists are discovering that many of these sites, including Stonehenge, followed Pythagoras’ theorem. Anyone familiar with high school geometry may shudder at the thought of Pythagoras. For a refresher course this means that the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the other squares on the triangle. This theory was developed by an ancient Greek mathematician named—you guessed it: Pythagoras. Go ahead and shudder some more.

Granny D as she scribbles out a theory for Jamie is essentially mimicking Pythagoras to help her figure out when and how to travel using the standing stones. The interesting thing is that Stonehenge was assembled 2000 years before Pythagoras was born. A recent theory suggests that the ancient builders of Stonehenge (the original one) were smarter than people give them credit for. In order to use Pythagoras’ theorem, they’d have to be exceptionally skilled at geometry.

I bet you hadn’t considered that. I am sure many people haven’t. But the evidence is compelling and really can’t and shouldn’t be ignored.

As I’ve stated before, Stonehenge remains at risk. While Jamie Poole and other books are simply good fiction, the facts also testify that sites like Stonehenge still have a lot of secrets to give up. We can’t discover those secrets without being able to study the entire site, not just the stones. There’s so much more to consider. Highways England is still planning to build a road and tunnel through the Stonehenge landscape. To learn the latest details, visit the Stonehenge Alliance website.

I hope that you’ll continue to check out the Jamie Poole series and blogs like this that untangle fact from fiction. I also hope that you’ll be compelled to explore a little more of the fact behind good stories!

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