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Book Excerpt: The Wild Hunt, A Lost Jamie Poole Diary

“The Wild Hunt. A ghostly or supernatural group of huntsmen passing in wild pursuit. Depending on who does the telling, they could be elves, fairies, or the dead. There are many legends on who leads them. Cain. Gabriel. The Devil. Take your pick. Sometimes a woman accompanies them. Always dogs. It’s an omen of misfortune and death for those who see,” Nick explained to Jamie.

We come. The Voices of the disembodied Dead had promised Jamie.

This was the moment. Destiny. They would come as the Wild Hunt.

Nick, Jamie, and their friends heard the retelling of the Wild Hunt over a campfire one desolate night in Montana by a son of the Blackfoot nation. His people had witnessed the Hunt. Then Jamie came to possess Lumen, the supernatural sword that existed outside Time. But what really happened? How had Eliyana come to ride with the Hunt? Why did she leave the sword for Jamie in such a phantasmagorical manner?

Eliyana’s fate and that of her people is revealed.

Throughout her long life, she has withheld the secret of Lumen from her children—until her deathbed. And so we come to that moment where she must cross from this life to what lies beyond. Can they comprehend their mother’s revelations, or will they imagine them merely the ramblings of a dying woman? Can they grasp the significance of what she must do after her death? For she has much to do.

Why did she leave it so long to unburden herself? She had her reasons.

The Wild Hunt turns to the future and the question of Jamie’s fate now that she possesses a sword fashioned thousands of years before her birth. Possessing it brings responsibility, challenges, unimaginable dangers, and a life forever changed. Eliyana’s life resounded of this.

The Wild Hunt is a must-read for Jamie Poole fans. Much is revealed about Eliyana, Jamie, Lumen, and others impacted by events surrounding a sword that is anything but ordinary.

And what of Brett Poole, Jamie’s dad? We draw a step closer to discovering his identity.

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