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In time for Christmas, Book 3: Tome of Tubal-Cain

Tome of Tubal-Cain, the third book in the Jamie Poole series, will be available in Canada starting November 30. While the book was actually ready to print in the spring, the pandemic hit and printing shut down. We are pleased we will have this book ready for readers around the globe and especially for our neighbors in the Halifax area!

There are still copies available of the first two books and there are ways to get signed author copies.

After a quiet summer, I am thrilled to make this announcement. Trust me, when I say quiet, it was anything but. Even if printing was shut down, I was working diligently on future Jamie Poole books to advance the story through its arc. The amount of research that goes into a book is amazing. I want to bring to you the very best science fiction/historical fiction story possible. Time travel must maintain historic accuracy.

So here we go in Tome of Tubal-Cain back to ancient Shuruppak where Nephilim defend the city against warring travelers. Meanwhile, in the present, Jamie Poole anticipates the return of Eliyana, the resurrected Druidess. However, instead of Eliyana, what she sees first is the Bloody Hound, a sign of death and danger. Here is a snippet from Tome of Tubal-Cain. Have a read then check out below on where you can get your copy. Note: These books read like diaries so the "I" speaking is Jamie Poole:

“What the—!” I jumped backward off the chair. It tumbled to the side with a whack! I nearly knocked off my glasses as panic gripped me, and I broke into a cold sweat. After six years, the Bloody Hound chose today to re-enter my life.

Why had he chosen today to ruin a quiet afternoon? I should have seen this coming, but near-sighted fool that I was, I hadn’t considered he might one day return.

Why was he here, you ask? Years ago Eliyana made a promise: She would save her people. In this she had failed.

As a consequence I grew up haunted by Voices of the Dead, reminding me of her failure. When I’d been younger, it had been a one-way conversation: Them begging for help. I had helped. I’d saved Eliyana’s life after the Banshee’s warning. Despite that, the Voices persisted that I wasn’t finished. The Chorus of Displaced Voices, as I’d named them, was a multitude of voices joined to embody one thought. With a single mind they communicated on a wavelength mean just for me. They expected—demanded—I do something. I’d defended Eliyana’s actions, coming up with hypothetical ideas on what she might and might not have done. That only agitated them. They exploded into a primal, polyphonic chant for justice. She’d intended to help. I knew it in my heart. How could I help them from the distant future?

Help us! You come! We need you!

After years we’d developed two-way communication. This only increased their chanting, but they couldn’t see beyond the fact she’d failed, and they’d died too soon and unjustly. Come, they continued to implore, and I walked around seemingly wrangling with myself. It was amazing what you could get away with if you stuck a phone to your ear…

Five and a half years ago Eliyana had stood beside Za’id and declared, “We must return to our home—our own time. My destiny. To lead my people. If I can return to my time before the earthquake on the Eve of Imbolc I can make a difference. I will make a difference. Time can be rewritten. They’ll never know they died. There will be no Chorus of Displaced Voices. I know the future. I can prevent the unnecessary loss of so many lives. And you, Jamie, will no longer hear Voices.” She’d vanished, but nothing had returned to normal. After resurrecting a Druidess, how could I have imagined it would? I walked around talking to Voices.

If you are interested in joining Jamie Poole on her journey, I offer curbside delivery regularly in the Halifax area. You can contact me at for information.


Dartmouth Book Exchange will help you arrange a pickup for either The Isle of Osiris or Resurrection of the Druidess. Additionally, I will be the author spotlight November 30 - December 6 with Tome of Tubal-Cain. See their website or Facebook page for details. There will be a book giveaway included in this time.

Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles currently carries the first book in series, The Isle of Osiris. At the time of this writing, arrangements are being made to stock the second book. Contact Jay if you have questions.

Tome of Tubal-Cain will hit these stores in time for Christmas!

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