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Jamie in the High Castle

The Man in the High Castle originally was a novel by Philip K. Dick first released in 1962. Recently Amazon Prime released a television series by the same name. The final season was released earlier this month. The premise of both the novel and the TV series is to depict an alternate universe where the Axis powers win World War II and the United States is divided between the Empire of Japan and Nazi Germany.

One of the main characters, Juliana Crain, figures out that parallel universes exist much as John Smith, leader of the Nazi Party in the United States. Both of them are made aware of this possibility by mysterious films possessed by the enigmatic “Man in the High Castle.”

Much like this, the Jamie Poole Book series explores the idea of alternate universes. Jamie first realizes the possibilities when she and Bruce travel back in Time to change history and save the lives of hundreds of people. At that point she realizes the reality she’s been living in has been fractured. The people they save were never meant to die. She questions what would a corrected reality look like?

In The Man in the High Castle, the obvious (to us) answer is the United States and its allies won the war. For Jamie the answer is not as easy. She muses:

Peter Dalton had been her fiancé—before I’d traveled back in Time and altered the timeline. The alteration had resulted when Bruce Sutherland and I helped save Eliyana’s people almost 1500 years ago on the Eve of Imbolc. Now we existed a little to the left of the world I’d grown up in. In this timeline Peter and Lenore never dated. He’d asked her out, but then his dad had been attacked and robbed the night before their date. As a consequence: It never happened. After the robbery he had returned to Australia to help his dad, who had been injured severely. That had been a few months ago.

It was all quite weird. I remembered when they’d been a couple. I remembered how he’d proposed. None of that happened. Not anymore. And I couldn’t say a damn word. I’d break Lenore’s heart.

Things are “a little to the left of the world” she’d grown up. As she continues, Time slips more and more to the left. And this disturbs Jamie. Things shift. Peter and Lenore were engaged. Then they weren’t. If she travels back in time again, what will happen, she wonders. When she returns to her own time, will her dad still be her dad? Will people know who she is? Will she eliminate her own existence?

The idea of Time Travel is fascinated. So many books, movies, and TV shows have explored it from many different premises. I don’t think we will lose our fascination any time soon. For Jamie it’s more responsibility than she wants. The fear of breaking Time and causing the world she knows to change to something unrecognizable is all too possible. But, for Jamie Poole, she is fated to continue falling down that abyss where she finds herself somewhere else…some time else.

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