Stonehenge - Saved!

In 2017, I contacted the Stonehenge Alliance for research and to lend my platform to build further awareness as they/we fought to save this World Heritage Site. You see, in 2017 Stonehenge and its landscape was at risk due to a scheme to build a tunnel through the landscape to ease traffic. The Stonehenge Alliance is a group of non-governmental organizations and individuals that seeks enhancements to the Stonehenge World Heritage Site (WHS) and opposes development that would cause it significant harm. Stonehenge and its landscape had already been at risk for well before I conceived my storyline, and it remained at risk.

Until today.

I am pleased to announce that the tunnel scheme has been deemed unlawful.

Stonehenge is not simply a stone monument or anything related to this. Technically it's a megalithic structure that has existed longer than the Egyptian pyramids. It has been used by many peoples for different rites. It is used even today for Celtic and pagan rituals, specifically on Celtic dates, which include the solstices, and Beltane, Samhain, Lammas, and Imbolc. Ironically, Lammas is August 1.

To say Stonehenge is "just" a structure is unfair. It encompasses a landscape of interdependent sites. Many of these are known. Others are being discovered. And it is fair to assume that more is to be found.

There's the rub.

To build a roadway and tunnel through such a landscape is...well...the courts have determined it unlawful.

In 2017, I contacted Stonehenge Alliance for research and to lend my platform to build further awareness as they/we fought to save this World Heritage Site.

Here are some of the blogs that came from those interviews:

What was Stonehenge?

The Stonehenge Alliance

The Road to Stonehenge

There are others in the archives of this site beginning in the year 2017.

Four years have come and gone, and the battle had endured to save this significant piece of history. We at Jamie Poole Books are sincerely glad that we are seeing this day. We truly hope that this will ensure Stonehenge will be around for future generations to enjoy, explore, learn from, and study.

It seems almost ironic that in 2017 Battle of the Beanfield was published as an eBook. As previously announced, this book will be released later this year in paper.

In the back of the original eBook much of the information on the risk to Stonehenge was explained, including ways each of us could help spread the word to preserve this site. I am pleased that this information can be updated to reflect today's announcement.

Battle of the Beanfield and The Courtship of Brett Poole will be published together later this year. Watch for future announcements related to this.

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