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The enigmatic figures of Jamie Poole

Where to begin with this topic? None of the characters are what I’d call straightforward. No one is who they think they are. No character in Jamie Poole Books is two-dimensional. Even Tristan, the psychopath time traveler who attempts looking two-dimensional with his quirky lines, is a many-layered onion.

Jamie is an enigma to even herself. That’s because her dad won’t tell her who he is. As a consequence, she feels off-balance. She knows everything about her mom’s family. The cemetery where her ancestors are buried is directly across the street from her bedroom after all. The Isle of Osiris is where Jamie’s story begins.

But Brett? Who is he?

No one knows. Has Brett ever taken the time to understand himself? We should question this. He’s so quick to refuse to admit the name of his parents or if they are dead or alive. They’re dead, he insists. What does it matter? How would you react if your parent refuses to tell you anything of their past. Where would your imagination take you? You can learn more about Brett Poole in all the diaries. There is one specific about how he and Jamie’s mom met: The Courtship of Brett Poole. There are early clues to his identity here if you know where to look.

Jamie’s imagination takes her on a quest to follow her dad’s footsteps and hope that somewhere along the way she’ll figure things out. There’s a lot about Brett Poole that doesn’t add up. He’s got money but no explanation for how he came into money. He lives in an older camper at the top of a mountain some say he owns. He certainly doesn’t flaunt his wealth. And why is he so obsessive? It serves him well as an Egyptologist as he strives to uncover the past and understand History. But this obsession has destroyed his marriage and estranged him from his daughter. Was the price worth it? He only returns when Jamie finds an enigma that whets his curiosity.

In tandem with Brett is the psychopath time traveler. He goes by many names and guises. His most commonly used name is Tristan. Is that his real name? Sometimes his eyes are blue. Other times brown. He has obsessions too. Brett and Jamie. He’s bent on breaking Time. He has traveled back in Time and sabotaged events surrounding Jamie’s ancestors in Destiny of the Departed. One of those is Eliyana, a Druidess. Jamie resurrected her in The Isle of Osiris and Resurrection of the Druidess. Everything changes after one resurrects a Druidess. However, why would Tristan care enough about Eliyana or her people 1500 years in the past? Why would he care about Jamie or her family and friends? What drives Tristan? And who is he? And why does he play himself off as a fool. His conversations with Jamie are often “cheap dinner theater” to quote her. He annoys her. Shouldn’t she fear a man with such powers as to alter Time? Why isn’t she afraid?

Unmask Brett, discover Tristan. The opposite can be said too.

Who is Doyle Dalton? If you asked his relatives they’d tell you quickly that he was a conman. A thief. A soldier of fortune who abandoned his army to quest for treasure. They have nothing good to say. But is this all he is? Hardly. Doyle Dalton has written a diary in two parts. In Tome of Tubal-Cain, his diaries are uncovered in a burglary gone wrong. It is discovered that part of the first diary and all of the second are written in a foreign language. It looks like Arabic, but it isn’t Arabic. It is a warning. To Jamie Poole. Read that again and consider how old Doyle Dalton would have to be had me actually met Jamie Poole. I’ll leave the rest of that to your imagination, and to the book Time by Einstein, which will be in paper next year.

There are other enigmatic figures in the story: Heta, the woman who meets Jamie outside Time in Destiny of the Departed. More of her story is revealed in Sisterhood of the Sword.

There are also outlandish characters like Granny D, the self-professed Oracle of our Mother and Goddess Venus. She’s even written her own book, The Venus Prophecies. Don’t be too quick to assume she’s a caricature or someone to laugh at. She turns out to know more in Resurrection of the Druidess than the scientists. Do they listen to her? Of course not. She predicted what would happen to Boston, and yet no one listened to her. Granny D is blind, but that only means she sees more. Keep an eye on her!

There are further characters such as ghosts, deceased relatives, a long dead warrior monk, a banshee, and deities from the Otherworld. There are Nephilim long since dead, but who aren’t as dead as they should be. Not to be forgotten are an assortment of otherworldly creatures which have no name who cross the veil separating our world from the Otherworld. That should never happen, but it does thanks to Tristan’s actions as he trips along Time dangling scissors with no concern.

When Time does not run linearly, anything and anyone is likely to show up Jamie’s life. And they probably have.

Time does run linearly in the the real world. And in the real world, there are events such as at Dartmouth Book Exchange to learn about the Jamie Poole Books and to meet the author. There are opportunities to purchase your own copy of the books.

To learn more:

You can also purchase any of the Jamie Poole Books directly from the author. Arrangements can be made by emailing:

In working with Hal-Con there can be arrangements for drop off within Halifax as we are a virtual vendor. Additionally two preferred vendors can also assist you in getting the books any time of year:


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