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The Jamie Poole Books

Jamie Poole Books began with an origin story not so different than Peter Parker's encounter with the spider. Jamie Poole has to find her "super powers"--if you want to call hearing Voices of the Dead a super power. (It definitely is! Keep reading.) She has a few others as well, it just begins with Voices...

This blog is for old fans and new fans of the Jamie Poole series. This summer is a good time to dust off an old favorite or find a new favorite. Jamie blends very nicely with sun, sand, pools, or as we've seen recently in Nova Scotia: rain. Let's face it, we can read any time!

This is the first of a few blogs (re)introducing you to Jamie Poole Books. Over coming weeks I will share book excerpts and description of each book and some hints of books yet to come! While all books are available on Amazon internationally, these blogs will be targeted for Canada and specifically the Maritime provinces. Book prices I mention in blogs may be different than what is on Amazon because Amazon will present the prices in your local currency. Not in the Maritimes, don't worry! You are most welcome to read along. If you wish to contact us to tell us how much you enjoy reading Jamie Poole, don't hesitate to reach out at We love to hear from fans.

Presently all Jamie Poole Books are $25 each. They can be purchased in Nova Scotia and autographed by the author at no additional cost. Books can be dropped off to you in locations like downtown Halifax or a location agreed upon you and the author, when you reach out. There are preferred vendors where books can also be picked up. These are Dartmouth Book Exchange and Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles. Arrangements must be made in advance.

Coming this September we will be releasing Sisterhood of the Sword. Jamie will travel back in Time to World War II Halifax and witness when these ruins were used as defenses to protect North America from enemy U-boats. Jamie will be kidnapped by a Nazi spy living in Halifax. The truth of it is that there were Nazis living in Halifax during the war. Much of the story is truth with a fiction build over-top. You really don't want to miss out!

As I have mentioned before, there will be an announcement in upcoming weeks about some exciting things happening with Jamie Poole. Stay tuned. If you have not subscribed at Jamie Poole Books, don't forget to do so. Also, on the tab "Buy the Books" is the same information on how to contact the author to purchase copies if you are in the Halifax area.


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