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Who is Doyle Dalton?

Here we are at the beginning of an entirely new book from an entirely new voice! Doyle Dalton tells his story in his own diary. But who is he?

Doyle Dalton's diary is introduced for the first time on Tome of Tubal-Cain, the third in series book from Jamie Poole. His descendent, Burt Dalton kept it hidden in a safe in his cabinet of curiosities. Incidentally, that cabinet originally belonged to Doyle. Burt was displaying it in Las Vegas when he was robbed by Abdul-Aziz Akkad and Freddie Babbin. This brought Doyle Dalton's diary to light and into Jamie's hand.

Jamie's friend happens to be Peter--another Dalton. There are a lot of Daltons! When Jamie begins to read the diary it is discovered that a large part of it is in a strange language that resembles Arabic but is not Arabic. Not to worry. Peter knows all the antics of his ancestor. Doyle was known for being a liar and a soldier of fortune. The biggest "joke" to the family is that Doyle was decorated for service during World War I, but the family firmly believes he did not deserve this award. His cabinet of curiosities is filled with unusual objects. Peter doesn't mind sharing that the family considers most of these items forgeries that either Dalton made or purchased on the Black Market.

It's easy to see that Dalton is not well respected by his family.

But what if all of that is a lie? What if Dalton had a truth to tell but he hid it behind a secret language? Why would he do this? What secret is so huge that a liar and a con-artist would feel the need to hide it? Don't such people enjoy a lie, the bigger the better?

Something is missing. The truth. Yes! The truth, but what IS the truth? If only Jamie could translate the cryptic language.

Something about the Dalton family and Doyle specifically ties Jamie tightly to them. Dalton displayed the alabaster statue resembling Eliyana as we learned in the first book, The Isle of Osiris. But there is more. Jamie knows it, and you the reader should too.

In the last book, Time by Einstein, we learn that Jamie and Doyle Dalton meet. To avoid spoilers, I will not go into detail, but Dalton stresses to Jamie then to read the part of his diary that isn't English.

At last, this book will be a translation of that.

Doyle Dalton was born in 1890, the only son to the owner of Dalton Shipping Company. His father is absent both physically and emotionally--especially emotionally. His mother is unwell and prone to fits at which time she calls her son words like "peculiar." hat might not sound bad, but on her tongue, Doyle learns it to be unkind. She is also prone to striking him when she is in this state. Dalton compares himself to a Charles Dickens character as he grows up isolated from the rest of his family. T

Isolated from any chance friends and family, he turns to books. He begins reading at an early age. Not only does he read Charles Dickens, but he begins on books of science. This is the early age of discovery. Men are exploring remote areas. Charles Darwin published his book a few decades before Dalton's birth. A wee child, he decides to create his own mummy. His curiosity will be his downfall. And his curiosity will be what makes him a man.

As the heir of Dalton Shipping Company, Doyle steals a ship and sails for India. This his family proudly states as one of the slurs against his name. His journey will last for years. His original diary told of exploits. It is true he had many adventures. Perhaps the real ones are more exciting than the ones he fabricated.

After his trip 'round the world, did he fight in World War I or was he simply a soldier of fortune? Doyle Dalton unintentionally began the curse upon his family. Since he has the ability for time travel, he has been able to peek into the future and realize his mistakes. This book becomes an unburdening. A confession.

It is a darker, grittier book than others in the series. Dalton pours his heart into his confession which he directs to Jamie as his only hope of saving his family. Is it possible he realizes his confession will potentially not only save them but also Jamie? Tristan remains loose, altering Time for his own amusement. Doyle Dalton will provide crucial clues to help her stop him. He also seeks forgiveness from his family. Will he be too late?

A book that reads like an adventure novel akin to Mark Twain or H. G. Wells. Preorder your copy of Doyle Dalton's Diary today. Available in your local Amazon store. Here are some helpful links:


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