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Where we are in the Story

This blog contains spoilers on the Jamie Poole series. If you've read all or part of the series, it will be a helpful reminder of where we will begin with the next book in series. If you have not read the series and are fine with spoilers, keep reading. Either way, Time by Einstein and The Wild Hunt will continue this one of a kind magic realism series.

Every book in the series begins with a quick recap: Then and Now: How It All Began. This is the same on a larger scale.

NOTE: Links to books will take you to USA Amazon. All books are available internationally in your local Amazon store. If you are located in Canada, read to the bottom to see how it might be possible to get autographed copies from the author.

The Isle of Osiris debuts Jamie who is twelve going on thirteen. In Alexandria, Indiana, her home, she discovers an alabaster statue that does not belong at the local fair. It prompts her to seek out her estranged dad, who is an Egyptologist. Brett Poole attempts to purchase the alabaster statue from the owner, Burt Dalton, who refuses to part with it. He sells Brett a forged star map instead. This book follows Jamie until she turns thirteen on May 2. It is her first trip to the Isle of Osiris on Samhain. Jamie's timeline will follow closely to the Celtic wheel of the year, recognizing key Celtic days.

Resurrection of the Druidess resumes where The Isle of Osiris left off. Jamie is thirteen. She has resurrected a Druidess, which is entirely an accident for which she will take responsibility. The Druidess, Eliayana, having discovered herself somewhere beyond her own time. She becomes the first (known) time traveler in the series. When she disappears, it is up to Jamie to find her. This eventually leads her to Boston, where Clydus, a time traveling Druid is attempting to take Lumen, the otherworldly sword, from Eliyana. It is a display of Celtic magic on the streets of modern Boston during Patriot's Day. In the end, Eliyana returns to her time, traveling back in time with an injured Clydus and a second time traveler, her friend Za'id.

Tome of Tubal-Cain is set in two different times. Tubal-Cain lives in Shuruppak 6000 years before Jamie. He is the creator of Lumen. His is the story of how Lumen came to be during a time of cruelty and chaos.

Meanwhile, Jamie is now eighteen and starting university at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. She has reconciled with her estranged dad, but he holds a close secret. He will not tell her anything about himself or his family. Why? she wonders. She begins walking in his steps, choosing his university to attend in an attempt to figure out his identity and ultimately her own. She meets Lenore Taylor and Peter Dalton. Peter Dalton is the son of Burt Dalton. They acquire two diaries belonging to Doyle Dalton, an ancestor. They discover that much of the diary is written in a cryptic language. During a supernatural storm, Jamie discovers Lumen, the sword Eliyana once possessed. She is left with nothing but questions. They also discover that Eliyana's people are in danger and there's another time traveler. This is the one Jamie calls the psychopath time traveler. Try as she might, she cannot describe the man no matter how she tries.

Battle of the Beanfield is a hop back in time to recount historical events surrounding Stonehenge, England, in the '80. Lenore's mother encounters the psychopath time traveler in the guise of a cute boy who calls himself Tristan Poe. It explains some of the backstory of Lenore's mother, who is a difficult person and her grandmother, the woman who raised Lenore. Granny D, as she calls herself, considers herself an Oracle and is sensitive to supernatural events such as those that have surrounded Jamie's life since she first found that alabaster statue.

The Courtship of Brett Poole is a second hop back in time to Alexandria, Indiana. Jamie's parents couldn't be more different. How did they meet? How, ultimately, did it come to pass that Brett disappeared when Jamie was six months old. Tristan, the psychopath time traveler again makes an appearance as he toys with Jamie's family. What has he against the Pooles anyway? Because of him, Jamie grows up in a home with a mom who works two jobs to keep food on the table.

Destiny of the Departed resumes immediately after events in Tome by Tubal-Cain. It is Samhain--Halloween. Jamie is eighteen going on nineteen. Knowing that Eliyana's people are in danger, she is faced with an invitation to travel back in Time. The idea terrifies her. There's too much risk of breaking Time. She's vaguely aware of the mysterious Tristan and the actions he has taken to manipulate Time. Lumen, the supernatural sword, exists outside Time. If she chooses to travel, Lumen would allow her to. Despite her concerns, she joins with Bruce Sutherland and they travel backwards almost 1500 years where they find Eliyana's people in imminent risk of dying when the island they live on could explode from an active volcano. While they do not find Tristan, as Jamie had expected, they find enough other trouble.

Sisterhood of the Sword begins again at Samhain one year after Tome of Tubal-Cain. In the opening Jamie is nineteen years old. Despite time travel and supernatural events such as voices of the Dead calling to her, Jamie attempts to live like a normal university student. This evokes the ire of her friend Lenore, who reminds her that she is far more than that now that she possesses the supernatural sword, Lumen. And what of Doyle Dalton's diary? Jamie has been too busy to translate it. She has handed the original to Dr. Mary Sutherland, Bruce's aunt. While she specializes in ancient languages she cannot translate it either. It's a mystery for another day, as Jamie falls back in time to April 1942. When she falls back in Time, she is twelve again. And she's found Tristan--and war. Tristan is posing as a German spy hiding in Halifax, Canada. Nothing good will come of this!

Time by Einstein will begin (you got it!) at Samhain. Jamie will fall back in Time again. This time she will lose her memory. Tristan, the psychopath time traveler will once again be skipping through Time manipulating it for his own pleasure. What does he have in mind. He's dropped clues for Jamie, but nothing she can figure out. It's all a game to Tristan. Will everyone survive this one? What comes next?

The Wild Hunt occurs about eighty years after events in Destiny of the Departed. If Time were linear, it would be the conclusion of Eliyana's story. However, don't assume she will not appear in a future book. Still, this story further explains why it is that she gave Lumen to Jamie in an unexpected way. There are more surprises in this book.

The story will continue next year in a new book continuing the story in Time by Einstein.

Time by Einstein and The Wild Hunt are both available internationally on Amazon. However, if you are in the Halifax area, there are other options. 

You can purchase any of the Jamie Poole Books directly from the author. Arrangements can be made by emailing: 

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