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Author Spotlight with Dartmouth Book Exchange

It is a privilege to work with local bookstores such as Dartmouth Book Exchange who are excellent at showcasing local talent.

It was just three years ago that I launched the first in series novel from the Jamie Poole Books series. In that time, there are now 5 books in paper. This week Dartmouth Book Exchange is showcasing the latest book Destiny of the Departed. To celebrate the book's release, I'm putting all books on sale if they are purchased together. They can be purchased separately too. All books will be autographed!

So who is Jamie Poole and what's this series like? We're all settling into our summer reading, and these books might just be your go-to for the summer.

If you like science fiction with a strong female lead but with a mix of slightly eccentric supporting characters, this series might be for you. Think Diana Gabaldon's Outlander with the time travel but without the men in kilts. Instead add more monsters like Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Want sorcery? There are shades of Kelley Armstrong's series Women of the Otherworld. There are notes of popular television shows too, including Stranger Things. The series begins not far from where Stranger Things takes place. (Eddie, very eccentric, among other things!!)

Jamie Poole grows up in Alexandria, Indiana, not Hawkins. (Spoiler: Hawkins is a fictional town said to be 80 miles from Indianapolis, Indiana. Alexandria is a real town about 30 miles from Indianapolis.) It is just as supernatural. Hawkins might have the Upside-down. Jamie visits the Otherworld throughout the series.

As with Tolkien's books, the Jamie Poole series appeals to all ages. You might be tempted to read it while hiding behind the couch, to quote a documentary on Doctor Who, but you will be hooked as soon as you meet Jamie.

In the first book (The Isle of Osiris) she is a pretentious, outspoken, and driven twelve year-old on a quest to find her dad, who vanished when she was six months old, in order to understand herself. Never mind the fact she also found a supernatural statue of a mysterious woman. Or that once finding her dad, she resurrects a Druidess. After that, nothing will ever be the same. (Resurrection of the Druidess)

As the series proceeds, she grows up hearing Voices of the Dead begging for justice, and she attends university in Bozeman, Montana. The Voices attend with her. Imagine trying to listen to a professor lecture while being hounded by Voices--and visited by Otherworldly creatures. That leads to a lot of questions, and Jamie will be happy to explain her decisions.

While I can compare this series to many books and television shows, there really is nothing else quite like it. But if you enjoy science fiction, historical fiction, and time travel, this series pairs perfectly with the beach or the backyard.

In Destiny of the Departed, Jamie must travel back in Time to pre slightly eccentric vent the unjust and premature death of hundreds of people. Oh, did I forget to mention she has a badass supernatural sword? Yes, there is that, and Tome of Tubal-Cain will tell you exactly how that happened, including the legend of how it was created. The sword exists outside Time, and this allows Jamie to travel. However, she is well aware of the risks to traveling in Time. What if she changes something she shouldn't? There's a chance of that, because someone is already toying with Time. While she doesn't know who or what this creature is, she has been visited by him.

Find your favourite reading spot and take advantage of this sale. As always, the helpful staff at Dartmouth Book Exchange can assist you in getting one, two, or all of the books. You will not regret it! Here are details:


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