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Destiny of the Departed

Jamie Poole's story began with the Isle of Osiris where she and her dad resurrected a Druidess. In her defense, that was an accident. She will go through her entire life defending that. But the truth is: after that, everything changes.

Later this year, Jamie will return to the Isle of Osiris in Destiny of the Departed. Or she will try. She will be called on to stop the murder of hundreds of people killed unjustly and prematurely. To save their lives, she must travel back in time almost 1500 years to before it happened. Can she do it? And, if she succeeds, what will be the consequences? Have a read introducing you to the next story to make it to paper, Destiny of the Departed:

Five years ago, Eliyana and her companion Za’id returned back in Time—to before the earthquake—vowing to lead her people to safety. I over-simplify a complex chain of events, but bear with me. I left out the part where her enemy, Clydus the High Druid, had also traveled forward in Time where he had also learned of the earthquake. Again, I over-simplify, but there was a lot of whizzing about through Time, which is more than a little distracting.

To travel in Time, Eliyana had used Lumen the sword. I couldn’t explain the science behind it, but I had experienced it. How Clydus succeeded in time travel remained a mystery. To call it black magic was an unfair simplification. I had no theory and had never consulted Eliyana for hers.

In the end, all the whizzing through Time, the power struggle for leadership, and the earthquake were nothing but background static. Clydus intended to take possession of Lumen at any cost. Why he wanted it sounded like the plot of a supervillain movie.

There was more to Lumen than time travel. While it looked like a powerful sword—and it was—it existed outside Time. It possessed untold power. Legend said that it was forged by Tubal-Cain. Clydus had a plan for it which included leading an army and conquering his world. Told you: supervillain. To achieve his plan, Clydus had to eliminate Eliyana and anyone who stood between him and Lumen. Ultimately, that’s why he’d traveled in Time. He intended to kill her regardless of where or when she was. Learning of the earthquake had been an unexpected bonus.

So why had Eliyana failed to keep her promise? She knew the date and details of the earthquake, and she’d captured Clydus, thus neutralizing him as a threat. That was the question that kept me imprisoned in my mind. “Clydus didn’t murder her. How could she fail?” I said out loud. She knew everything…right? I sat on the floor of my dorm room and speculated over, and over, and over…

With Eliyana’s failure, it is Jamie Poole’s responsibility to prevent the murder of hundreds of innocent people: A crime that happened almost 1500 years before her birth. An impossible request, and yet she saw no alternative but to figure out how to do it.

Someone had tampered with Time. Rewritten it. The only way to prevent a paradox is to prevent the ancient crime. To save Eliyana’s people, Jamie must risk everything. Can she reconcile with that as she tries not to rip the fabric of Time? The weight of responsibility becomes more than she can bear. She will make mistakes. The lessons will be critical but costly. Is she prepared to live with that?


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