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Jamie Poole Meets AI

If you're paying attention to the Jamie Poole social mediate pages, you should know two things.

We're coming out with a new book this year!

We're going to announce it's title soon!

And we've been dabbling in AI, also known as Artificial Intelligence.

OK, that's 3 things. We never claimed to be stellar mathematicians. (grin)

Artificial Intelligence. It's been in the news a lot, and this blog has no intention of discussing that. The intention of this blog is to say that we have tripped down that rabbit hole of AI generation and created practically every character in the Jamie Poole universe. I don't know where we got any sleep. Maybe we have been replaced by AI. (again, grin)

This week (soon!) we will announce the title of the 2024 book, and when you can get your hands on a copy. This week, too, we will begin sharing more images of characters we have met so far in the series. We will also start to introduce the new characters featured in this 2024 book. Oh, yes, we're going somewhere new. We hope you will have as much fun seeing character images as we did in creating them!

Keep posted to social media and our website for upcoming announcements!

While you wait for Book Seven, you can purchase any of the Jamie Poole Books directly from the author. Arrangements can be made by emailing: 

Additionally Dartmouth Book Exchange is a preferred vendor who can assist you in getting the books any time of year.


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