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Jamie Poole: Where It All Began

Jamie Poole begins each of her diaries: “Then and Now: Where It All Began.” It's a quick recap of what's happened with a hint of what might happen next. But what of me, Jamie’s creator? I’ve been asked a few times if Jamie is me, and the answer is no. While we have influenced each other, our paths in life are entirely different. And yet here we are together, so perhaps you should decide.

Most blogs I write are about Jamie, the story, and some of the history and science behind the stories. This blog is about where it all began for me, Jamie’s creator. I recently visited the Brown County area of Indiana. This is where I was first introduced to literature in the science fiction and fantasy genre. This is where it first began.

Prior to Brown County, I’d traveled to Scotland and visited Culloden, the Isle of Iona, and Loch Ness. Never mind all the ruins and castles that fill Scotland’s landscape. I'd been there too. The ghosts of the past swirled ‘round me at a young age just as they did Jamie. But the ghosts found form in Brown County.

When I was twelve I began illustrating several characters, including one I named Bruce Sutherland. And while neither Bruce nor any of my characters are based on real people (except for historical figures), Bruce has followed me much of my life as he later joined Jamie Poole.

That same year my family stayed in a cabin at a state park in Brown County for the American Thanksgiving holiday. It had been an especially difficult year with my mother being sick. My father, for reasons he’s never explained, took me to a bookstore in the area and introduced me to Tolkien. Perhaps he wanted to share a wonderful story he’d enjoyed. Perhaps he wanted to give me a distraction, knowing it had been a hard year on the family. Perhaps, like Brett Poole, he knew no other way to communicate with a younger daughter other than to share a love of books.

As Jamie might ask, “Does it matter?”

I was hooked.

I devoured The Hobbit in days. It was a good thing he’d bought The Lord of the Rings books as well.

That trip was followed by other trips to bookstores where once again he’d hand me a book and simply say, “I think you’ll like this one.”

Brett Poole is not my dad any more than I am Jamie. But there is that commonality. Brett did the only thing he knew to do, and so did my own dad.

The ghosts of Scotland mixed with the books my dad shared. Here began the imagination that would express itself in the pages of Jamie Poole. Certainly other things have influenced the story arc. But this was where it all began. Being allowed to present my story to my readers and tell them of the imaginings that have happened in my head for as long as I have lived is a childhood dream come true.

My greatest delight is to have an opportunity to share the wonderful world that Jamie Poole whispered to me.

We've already had a busy year. Hal-Con 2023 just ended. But there is one more event where you can see Jamie Poole and get autographed books:

You can also purchase any of the Jamie Poole Books directly from the author. Arrangements can be made by emailing:

In working with Hal-Con there can be arrangements for drop off within Halifax as we are a virtual vendor. Additionally two preferred vendors can also assist you in getting the books any time of year:


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