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Hello World!

Those are traditionally the first words used by beginning programmers. Since this is my first blog, it is only appropriate.

Hello and welcome to my blog. The purpose of some blogs will be to dissect Jamie Poole and find the science and fact behind the fantasy. Other blogs may be to discover related history or details that would be related to the Jamie Poole universe. This might be discovering details about where a story takes place. Only so much can be presented in a story, but there could be more to the history that’s interesting to explore.

When exploring Science Fiction, and basing it in real science and real history, there can be so much to see and discover.

Further blogs might go into story plots or directions Jamie Poole stories might be headed. If there are any spoilers, spoiler alerts will be given.

It’s a big beautiful world and it’s time to get started. If you’d like to receive emails on when a new blog is posted, don’t forget to Subscribe.

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