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The Trail of Tristan

In the last blog, we discussed magic, rabbits, and the magician. There is always a magician. It would seem the magician is the psychopath time traveler known as Tristan. We've seen him impersonate other characters, including a Nazi spy during World War II. But when did he enter the series? Were you paying attention?

This blog won't give everything away, but it does include spoilers.

When did Tristan enter the series? Answer: The Isle of Osiris. Before page 100, Tristan debuts in a scene where Jamie is conflicted in the middle of the night about things she's seen and things she wants to understand:

Glancing up, my eye caught movement in the mirror. I turned, imagining briefly something—no, someone—smiled from within.

If you missed it, you weren't to realize. Tristan hadn't been named and Jamie was entirely preoccupied by other concerns. It would be later that this subtle sentence might have made sense. Tristan has a things for mirrors.

There is no reference to him in Resurrection of the Druidess. In Tome of Tubal-Cain, Jamie realizes she's met him as a child. This is part of a considerably larger conversation:

A memory of a visitor bubbled to the surface of my mind. Something—someone—had visited one night when I’d been sixteen. I remembered it as a hot summer night not unlike any Indiana night. Something in that humid night had wakened me, but I couldn’t remember what. He’d sat in a shadowy corner of my room just out of view. Like now. He’d taunted me. Teased me. Insinuated he knew everything about Dad. Yet he’d revealed nothing. Then he’d vanished, and I’d forgotten him. How could I forget something as bizarre as that?


It was a struggle to dig a name from memory. A voice familiar. Yet not. I’d never seen his face. I hesitated, “Tristan?”

And here at last, Tristan has been named. If Jamie references a moment when she is sixteen, this is not the moment from The Isle of Osiris. To this point, Tristan has appeared a figure acting behind the scenes.

Tristan is an active player in both The Battle of the Beanfield and The Courtship of Brett Poole. As he goes by his real name I'll exclude those scenes from this blog.

In Destiny of the Departed, Tristan appears to play behind the scenes, but here one needs to sit up a little straighter when reading. Is he or is he not present? I will not give it all away as Jamie states:

And where did Tristan fit? His presence was again felt more strongly by his absence.

She has more suspicion than evidence, but even she is looking actively for his face among the crowd. Whether he's there or simply manipulating events, you'll need to read the book to find out.

That brings us to World War II Halifax, where Tristan has a primary role in activities as he kidnaps Jamie. In Sisterhood of the Sword, he begins with a conversation with Heinrich Himmler:

“Doktor Platz, thank you for coming in person, but I’m not confident of your theory,” Himmler waved a folder in emphasis. “I’m uncertain the value of a face-to-face meeting, but I appreciate your assertiveness.”

He assumes the name Tristan later, after trying on a couple other false personas.

Now we have arrived at Time by Einstein and it's safe to assume Tristan will be present; however, he may or may not appear like himself. And who exactly is he anyway?

Jamie has said more than once:

...a vision appeared of Granny D and a man whose face shivered like a poor cartoon drawing. It looped between a child’s face, maturing to a man’s, then shriveling into old age. His nose grew long, thin, hooked, and bulbous. His hair grew long, curled, and receded, only to loop over and over in a matter of seconds. His hands shimmered as they cycled through the aging process. Nothing about the man remained the same except the suit.

Who is Tristan?

When is Tristan?

That is the mystery. Psychopath time traveler. Magician. Imp of the Perverse. Jamie has a collection of names to describe a man without description.

And where will he be in Time by Einstein? Read the book and find out!

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