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Book Excerpt: The Isle of Osiris

Let's go back to where it all began.

The Isle of Osiris.

Two women. Two tied destinies. Two millennia.

One enigmatic sword.

My name is Jamie Poole, and I’m destined to help the Departed.

Yeah, I hear dead people.

I’m a kid from a single-parent home in “Small Town, USA.” All I want is outta here, go to college, and see the world.

Dad, who left when I was a baby, is an archaeologist. He sends books and pictures but never tells me about himself. When I saw a statue bearing the same sword Dad found in Egypt I knew I needed his guidance. Then a ghost told me the sword’s name: Lumen.

I had to find Dad.

Mom wouldn’t help, but I’m determined. I found him!

We had lots to discover about each other. While we did, we resurrected an ancient Celtic woman named Eliyana who owned Lumen. Why was Lumen in Egypt if it belonged to her? Did I mention it was forged of a mysterious alloy?

As we unraveled those mysteries things got weird. You can’t resurrect someone without consequences. The veil protecting our world from the Otherworld ripped.

Think you can imagine the havoc? You’ve no idea.

How did Eliyana react to reawakening?

She fled.

Can she survive here? Will I find Eliyana before disaster strikes? It does when people find themselves “out of Time.”

Those dead people I hear? Eliyana’s clan. Killed unjustly. Lumen empowers its owner, but she’s gone and Lumen with her. How can I stop their plea for justice? Her destiny is to lead them.

Time can be fixed. But is it too late? Can I restore the veil before danger crosses the Otherworld’s threshold?

Follow me in The Isle of Osiris, first in a series of Diaries as I enter a supernatural world steeped in Celtic myth that becomes more real than our own.

Also available in all local online Amazon locations.

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