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Book Excerpt: The Tome of Tubal-Cain

“History,” the Voices said, “is broken. You must fix it. Come.”

That’s how it started. Voices in my head. Begging me to come, travel backwards in time, and right an injustice. They claimed the timeline we lived in was broken. History was wrong. Time could be rewritten. Must be rewritten. And I was the one to do it.

My name is Jamie Poole. I hear the Dead. I’m an ordinary person. I found an ancient sword named Lumen that some claim contains the power of God. It is a gift of God to man, bought with Nephilim blood. How I attained sword is a long story I will explain.

However, changing history? Rewriting Time? I’m only a college student. Then the Bloody Hound appeared. That meant one thing: Someone was going to die, and he was there to take them to hell. I must protect my family and friends at any cost. Am I willing to pay the highest cost?

Other things seek Lumen, named for the light. Shadowy beings. Why are there so many dark things chasing me? Why won’t the Voices stop begging? It’s not like I can save them when they died 1500 years ago.

My friend Lenore replied, “You are the shield between light and darkness. We need you. Those Voices in your head. They need you too. You hold a sword named for light. It draws out the darkness. No wonder they’re all grabbing numbers and waiting in line. When are you going to realize how extraordinary you are? Why do you think you have people like me and my granny hanging around? We’re drawn to the light too. Without darkness, there is no light.”

Come with me as I lead you to other worlds and other places, and as I meet famous figures. I am the Unpresuming Heroine. I have Da-shealladh, second sight. I am called to do something extraordinary. I am called to right an injustice and help the Dead. I am called to fix Time.

Continue the journey. It's just beginning.

Also available in all local online Amazon locations.

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