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Behind the Diaries

Jamie Poole’s Diaries are a journey of a young woman into adulthood. She’s been forced to hide the diaries because of the information contained. The reader becomes a part of the story. She opens with:

You must have gone to extraordinary lengths to locate it. I know, because I know how carefully I hid it with its companions. Perhaps one day you and I will meet. You can tell me what risks you took to uncover my secret. I trust you will preserve the knowledge within these covers.

There is a story arc through the diaries, describing her journey and the supernatural events that led her to finding Lumen, the supernatural sword and ultimately to unmasking her dad’s identity

The story opens with her desire to understand who her dad is and her determination to follow his footsteps in order to better understand him, because he’s not talking. Not even a little. He’s an Egyptologist. That’s the “what” of him. The “who” is entirely elusive. He refuses to tell her, causing her to consider him the most complicated, secretive of men. He won’t even tell her the names of her grandparents, causing her to consider many scenarios on their whereabouts. What harm is there in knowing the names of her grandparents? Jamie can’t even find a photograph of them. She assumes he has no brothers or sisters… What is the need for such secrecy and defiance when asked simple questions about the past.

She is beside herself with frustration and curiosity.

The more she tries to unmask him, the more she finds herself falling deeper into a supernatural world. Sometimes that world crosses planes into her own, endangering her family who has no idea of her calling or special abilities.

Even her friends are endangered as beings try to trick and deceive. Everyone wants the sword that allows the bearer to travel in time or resurrect the dead. And the Dead, they have a lot to say to Jamie as she explains in Destiny of the Departed. The further she goes in search of her dad’s identity, the riskier it becomes for anyone close to her. How far is she willing to go to understand things? Is she willing to risk her life or that of a friend? She’s driven by two important questions: Who is my Dad? And ultimately: Who am I?

Neither are easy answers.

Jamie comes into herself as she uses her paranormal powers to help the long Dead, killed too soon and unjustly at the hands of evil, and as she travels to other times and planes of existence. A long dead warrior-monk gives guidance. And so does a fae cat. Sometimes he might be more trouble than he’s worth.

Behind so many events is the enigmatic Tristan. Her dad uses the name like a curse. Once she believes he visited her, but was she only dreaming? He is a man who is more dead than alive, yet very much alive. A man who can change Time. A man who has his eyes set on Jamie and her dad. She can’t figure out why, but Tristan promises it’s all connected. Somehow.

Follow Jamie on this epic journey through her secret Diaries. Follow the clues. Unmask Brett Poole and the Puppet master, Tristan. Only then can she understand herself. Will she be ready for what she learns?

Will you?

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