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Who is Jamie Poole? And how to meet the author?

Ironically I’m called Jamie these days more than by my own name. That’s OK. It’s Jamie who should be front and center. Not me. (grin)

As we’re planning book signings in the Halifax, Canada, area, I want to recap the Jamie Poole series. If you won't be the Halifax area (And that's a shame. It's a great vacation destination!) it is possible to purchase the book online. Check your local Amazon or here’s a useful link:

Jamie Poole has heard Voices of the Dead since she was twelve years old. They beseeched her, begging her to intervene. They’d been killed unjustly and prematurely. She was the only one who could help.

Here’s the sticking point: the crime was committed almost 1500 years before she was born. How could she be expected to help? That was just it. Helping them was her destiny.

Here begins the Jamie Poole series, a collection of diaries written by Jamie herself. Within the diaries she unburdens herself to the reader whom she engages with these opening lines:

This is the beginning, isn’t it? My name is Jamie Lane Poole.

And you have found my secret diary. You must have gone to extraordinary lengths to locate it. I know, because I know how carefully I hid it with its companions. Perhaps one day you and I will meet. You can tell me what risks you took to uncover my secret. I trust you will preserve the knowledge within these covers.

The reader becomes an active participant as Jamie realizes that she must locate her estranged dad and gain his help. Not only must she help the Dead, she must also find their leader. Their leader is needed to stop the killer. “She’s our leader,” they plead. “Help us, Jamie!”

Her dad holds his own secrets, including why he left her mom when she’d been six months old. They find common ground, albeit awkwardly, as they turn toward a common goal: finding this leader. Her dad has his own purpose for finding her tomb. He’s an Egyptologist intent on recovering his reputation.

You didn’t expect her to be alive did you? Jamie confesses:

I resurrected a Druidess. In my defense that was an accident. I feel inclined to add that I had help. Not that this in itself spares me any of the responsibility. I bear full responsibility…

Everything changes when you resurrect a Druidess. There’s no going back. Even if you want.

(Perhaps you wonder how a Druidess could be significant to an Egyptologist. That is a greater story yet to be discovered!)

Jamie acquires an otherworldly sword which exists outside time. Unbound from Time, she is able to travel to the past and perhaps right a horrible wrong. But in doing so, what will be the repercussions? After that, life becomes complicated. Life becomes so much greater.

Jamie must grow up fast. She has no idea she has resurrected much more than just a Druidess. Her life and those around her will forever be changed.

Jamie concludes her introduction: Quickly, Dear Reader, go now to the next page! See how it all began…


If you find yourself in the Halifax area this year or next, here’s the short list of book signings. Check back. There will be more added:

July 10, 2019: Sawadee Tea House

July 31 - August 5: Halifax Busker Festival

September 21: Bluestone Magik


The Isle of Osiris is available at these retailers:

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