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When Nazis prowled Canada & Jamie fell down a wormhole

Sisterhood of the Sword (available November 11, 2019) is one of the most historically-researched books in the series thus far. The second would be The Battle of the Beanfield, which is a complete adaptation of a single historical event at Stonehenge.

Like The Battle of the Beanfield, Sisterhood of the Sword looks at lesser-known historical events. This time the focus is Eastern Canada during the Second World War. Because Canada entered the war a few years before the United States, Americans would vacation to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to see what a country at war looked like. Since its founding in 1749 Halifax has always been a military city.

That is the brighter side to a city at war, if there is such a thing. The darker side is while Americans were touring about snapping photos, Halifax experienced unwelcomed visitors simultaneously: German sailors and Nazi spies. Imagine that clash!

I promise you I do more than gaze out my window while working my day job. But it only takes a glance to see the Canadian Naval Dockyards and the ships coming and going.

Less known, unless you’re a history buff or live in or around Halifax is the strong ties to World War II. The city swelled during the war. Canadian and allied forces, including the United States, once they joined, all came to Halifax where they did much of the preparation for the Battle of the Atlantic. As a consequence, the enemy had an equally strong interest in Halifax. German U-boats prowled outside the Halifax Harbour. It’s rumored they entered the harbour. I have a friend whose German-born grandfather was one sneaked in on a U-boat. He immigrated to Canada after the war. Nazi spies are known to have resided in the city as well. Some were caught.

This is food for any author.

Throw in some time travel and Jamie Poole will have a first-hand encounter with Nazis.

While her adventures are mostly fictional, the landscape she lands in is entirely true.

What will World War II Halifax look like to Jamie Poole?

Come and see…

(This will be the first in a series as we explore the fact behind the fantasy of this story.)

Jamie Poole may have stopped hundreds of murders which happened before her birth, but is she prepared to meet the man behind the crimes?

She’d time-traveled to prevent Tristan from manipulating Time by changing one event: killing all those people. To block his actions, she’d also manipulated Time.

Now back in the present, she’s vowed never to do it again. It was too risky. There were too many chances to break the timeline. The consequences frightened her. Already she saw changes in her friends and family. Some shifts were subtle. Some more drastic. If she did it again, the consequences could be devastating.

“All paths lead you to me,” Tristan promised her once.

He was right.

Events fell into place when she began receiving roses from her deceased grandfather. Then he appeared to her and revealed the location of a stolen alabaster statue. That detail might seem unrelated to Tristan’s crimes, but the statue was of a Druidess. She had been the leader of the murdered people. And the statue contained unknown power.

Jamie and her friend Lenore head for Halifax, Nova Scotia, to retrieve the stolen statue.

That had been a mistake.

Tristan had laid a careful trap. One false move and Jamie found herself falling down a wormhole and backwards in Time. Again.

She finds herself in World War II Halifax, haven to covert Nazi spies. German U-boats prowl the coast of Nova Scotia, and Halifax is prepared to go to war.

Tristan is there poised as a Nazi spy, and he wants Jamie’s “help.” She has no intentions of helping. She’s broken her own vow to never travel in Time or harm the timeline. Now she must or she will never escape Tristan or return home.

Can she return home? And if so, how fractured will the timeline be? Time is ever shifting, and Tristan has big plans for Jamie. All she wants is to go home and find that everything has returned to normal.

That will never happen.

Come with Jamie as she tries to figure out why Tristan is bent on destroying her and those she loves. The answer is not straightforward as she quickly discovers.

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