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The Conundrum of America’s Stonehenge

America’s Stonehenge, also known as Mystery Hill, is a focal point in the Jamie Poole series. Recently it has made the news for reasons no one would want.

It became the focal point of someone’s vandalism. According to reports, the altar stone within the central structure was vandalized by a power tool. Letters pertaining to a political statement were carved into the rock. Here is one of the articles.

There was also an odd cross found with more political symbols and a photography of a young boy. The incident is being investigated.

This site is open to the public to explore. And, like Stonehenge, there are observances of the solstice. Some consider this to be the oldest man-made structure in North America made by European individual.

Please don’t suggest aliens.

They get too much credit.

This site is first referenced briefly in The Isle of Osiris, the first book. Then it solidifies itself as part of Jamie Poole legend in Resurrection of the Druid, its sequel. Not to give spoilers but America’s Stonehenge, as interpreted in this book series, is a place where, under the right conditions, time travel is possible.

I’ve written several blogs regarding of America’s Stonehenge, which is located in Salem, NH.

And another blog on the skepticism of America’s Stonehenge as an ancient site as some claim.

Since I write science fiction, it’s not my place in the series to state whether this site is real or weird. Perhaps it’s a bit of both. I don’t think it’s had a fair shake at being examined by experts. It certainly has a sketchy history. Consequently, it’s fair game. If H. P. Lovecraft could write about it (The Dunwich Horror) then I can create my own lore.

Regardless what this site truly represents, it’s unfortunate it became the target of vandalism. Whatever the site is, it poses no threat nor holds a political agenda. Unfortunately time travel is not an option to undo the damage.

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