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Eliyana lives after Ragnarok

In a previous blog, it is stated that Ragnarök may well have been a real, historical event. Based on the suggested timeline of several archaeologists and volcanologists, I have layered the Jamie Poole timeline beside that. If Ragnarök occurred in 536 CE, as it is theorized, then Eliyana was born 4 years into the cataclysmic world events as things continued to degrade. Her life, her world would have been severely impacted. No summer. Just winter. There would be famine and there would be plague. This caused a migration of people to the north. It set the stage for the coming Viking Era.

Eliyana lived just before the Vikings, but the world is a stage, and the players were set. She lived in the north and, being born in a time of only winter, she remembered nothing of the original world. Jamie travels back in time to join her in her time.

Here is a snippet from Time by Einstein:

Eliyana paused then declared out of nowhere, “Today I am thirteen years old.”

“Really?” Then I realized: “We have the same birthday. May second—today—is my birthday too.”

“May?” She arched a brow.

“The month. It’s May.”

“I don’t know what you mean. Your people must mark seasons differently. You called Beltane May Day. Now I

understand what you meant. And how remarkable we share the anniversary of our birth.”

I nodded, wondering at the odds. “Did you have fun yesterday?”

She must have noticed my occasional glances at the insipid sky, because she did not answer that question. Today the sun appeared again like an over-ripe peach. The air felt as if dusk would fall upon us at any moment, but it was nowhere close to evening. “I was born the year this began.”

“The year what began?” I asked.

“Fimbulvetr. Maybe you know it as Fimbulwinter? The end of everything.”

I could only gaze upward as if the sun belonged to an alien planet. How could this be the end?

“You do not have Fimbulwinter? All the known world sees this. I am told that before I was born the sun was always yellow. To me it has always looked like that. Fimbulwinter stole our summers. It stole our food. It brought much suffering. To the south I am told it brought plague. We are fortunate we did not suffer plague. I remember nothing but Fimbulwinter, so it is all the same to me. But now the sun turns yellow when the wind blows from the north. When there is no wind the veil steals the sun again. Like today. But you shall see our fields thrive better than I can remember! It is a good sign this Beltane.”

I simply nodded. I had no reckoning for what actually caused this unnatural phenomenon.

Her face beamed brighter than the sun as she answered my question. “Yesterday the sun was warm, and we had fun. We played lots of games.”

...And so begins Jamie's journey in meeting her ancestor and discovering the origins of Ragnarök. Sometimes when we examine a myth such as this, there is actually a seed of historical truth hiding within.

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