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New Books for 2021

It's been over a year since the world changed. In that year, Jamie Poole has had two new books written. You won't see them for a while, but there's some exciting stuff happening behind the scenes I can't wait to share with everyone!

The site where I'm posing was a World War II bunker. I've photographed it often in the last few years. There isn't much time left for it before nature claims it back. That's unfortunate, but time always marches forward.

...Unless you're Jamie Poole stuck in Time...

This year, we will be publishing in eBook format Jamie's all new 8th book Time by Einstein. This book will continue Jamie's time travel adventures as she accidentally falls back in time and hits her head. She's out of time and she's forgotten who she is. This will allow for the mysterious Tristan, who Jamie calls the Monster of Time, to take advantage and shift Time further. He will also set his sights on making things difficult for her. Can she regain her memory and stop him? The reality Jamie knows will be nearly gone if she can ever return to the present.

Jamie is a hero who never wanted the powers she was born with. This series is in part a coming of age story. It is also the story of a person who comes into herself and accepts supernatural powers she was born with. She must accept her destiny to stop Tristan and fix Time. The mere thought of such responsibility overwhelms her. Things are never easy, especially when reality shifts and creates Multiverses. Anyone who enjoys historical science fiction with a twist will enjoy this story, which is suspenseful and often humorous.

We also hope to have a late year edition in paper for two books: Battle of the Beanfield and The Courtship of Brett Poole, both of which are currently available in eBook format. These are two critical books to observe the development of Brett Poole and the mysterious Tristan. As things get closer, we will make further announcements on this, including release dates.

Time by Einstein will be out at Halloween. Halloween is a key date in the Jamie Poole series, so it seems fitting.

As always, if you are interested in signed books and are in the Halifax area, contact us at to arrange getting your copy. If you live elsewhere, books are available at Amazon. Check this site for links under Books & Merchandise.


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