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Resurrection of the Druidess Recap

Resurrection of the Druidess is the highly anticipated sequel to The Isle of Osiris. So what's it about? Besides a sequel, that is. Here's a description:

“I resurrected a Druidess. In my defense, it was an accident,” states Jamie Poole. “When you resurrect a Druidess everything changes."

Eliyana, the Druidess, awakens to find herself almost 1500 years in the future. Lost, and scared, she’s haunted by her past where she failed to save her people. They died too soon and unjustly at the hand of the High Druid. All Eliyana wants is to go home. How can she do that when home is buried in a past that can’t be changed? Can it?

Meanwhile creatures very real and very present seek to kill Eliyana, Jamie, and her family.

The veil separating this world and the Otherworld is rent in two. Creatures freely cross the threshold to this world with one purpose: Aid their master, the High Druid, to locate Eliyana and the sword called Lumen which possesses unimaginable powers because it exists outside this dimension.

Jamie and Eliyana have to work together or there’s no hope.

There’s only one problem. Eliyana has disappeared. Meanwhile the Dead, those killed in Eliyana’s time, continue to implore help. Because Eliyana is missing, they look to Jamie. They still consider Eliyana their leader. What can Jamie do to help?

Things get more complicated as people from Jamie’s time also set their eyes on Lumen. Most scientists believed it to be a myth, but Lumen will reveal its power to the world. Something so powerful cannot be hidden long.

Can Eliyana return to save her people? It’s not like Jamie has a time machine to assist the Dead.

In this second Jamie Poole Diary, Jamie must work with Eliyana or they both will fail. Jamie dreams of adventure. Is this more than she anticipated? And who is her dad? He’s an Egyptologist by trade. That’s “what” he is. The “who” is illusive and her dad refuses to explain. There is far more to his story as it begins to unfold.

Jamie’s journey is only beginning in this sequel. She has much to learn. About her dad. About Lumen. And most importantly, about herself.

Resurrection of the Druidess is available internationally on Amazon. Here are some handy links:

You can also get a signed copy of the book from Ellen E. Sutherland if you are in Halifax, by contacting here at

If you need the book signed and shipped, there is a fee for shipping. Please email the address above to get information.

You can also get a signed copy of the book from Ellen E. Sutherland starting March 7 at Dartmouth Book Exchange.

If you haven't seen the interview created by Jesse Kalberlah, check it out too: here.


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