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The year of Tristan

When last we left Jamie in Sisterhood of the Sword she had traveled back to Halifax, Canada, in 1942.

There, Jamie found Tristan impersonating as a Nazi spy. He had sneaked into Halifax on a German submarine. But who IS Tristan? This is the question she has wrestled with throughout several books. She refers to him as the "Monster of Time." He calls himself a Magician. He has played other roles. These are some of them but not all of them. As he challenges Jamie, are you paying attention? Are you taking notes? Do you know who he is?

An equally good question to ask is WHEN is Tristan?

He first appeared when Jamie was sixteen. This encounter she barely remembers. And then she promptly forgot. How is that possible? (Unless Tristan is something of a magician...)

She has little love for this mysterious individual, and she cannot settle on an appropriate description. What she knows for certain, he means nothing good.

Tristan holds her hostage in 1942, and taunts her relentlessly. Jamie fears he intends to manipulate the timeline and somehow change the war. Posing as a Nazi spy gives her no comfort.

It is especially annoying that he relishes quoting others, including the Joker from Batman and Shakespeare at the most inappropriate of times. She confronts him, accusing him of being a cheap villain. Why must he conduct himself in such a reckless manner while simultaneously impacting the lives of countless people and Time itself? Why did he see his actions as comedic? Has he no conscience?

It also gives her no solace that her dad uses Tristan's name as a curse: TRISTAN'S BLOOD! Upon confronting him, he refuses to elaborate. In fact, he denies any knowledge. Even her mom knows something. She's equally silent on the matter of Tristan. That her parents know him, she has little doubt. So who is this man who travels through time, changing events here and there with all the care of a playground bully? He has created an alternate timeline. This is where Jamie lives. And it is her destiny to fix what he has broken.

Coming Halloween 2021, Jamie's next diary: Time by Einstein. Once again Jamie has traveled back in time. Or, to

be more accurate, she has fallen down a wormhole and arrived in the past. To guessed it: Tristan.

Once again, he is up to his old tricks, and he is once again not forthcoming with his intentions.

Does he intend to kill Jamie's ancestor, Eliyana? Will he further harm her people? What about the others she cares for? Her parents and her friends. No one is safe.

And Tristan is, above anything, a liar.

Not only does Jamie travel back in time a second time, she has done it without the help of the otherworldly sword, Lumen. In fact, Lumen will not be with her on this journey. She is coming into her own powers, but can she control them? Can she get herself home again? And where did these powers come from?

There will be Vikings. (That's what Tristan promises anyway, and he's not totally lying this time.)

Well, sort of. Jamie will explain it. Officially pre-orders for Time by Einstein do not begin until September 1, but if you have read this far, let me give away a little secret. You can pre-order your copy now. Currently, Time by Einstein will only be available as an eBook. As with other books, it will eventually be in paper. But this will give you a chance to find out what happens. There will be a surprise guest or two who makes his appearance. Time is really broken when a second time traveler appears. More questions will arise as more answers come. Jamie had better be taking notes. There is stopping Tristan otherwise!

Watch for more information. Meanwhile, pre-order your book! It comes out on Halloween. It will be available in your local Amazon store. Here are some helpful links:


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