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Book Excerpt: Eliyana failed to save her people

Eliyana made a promise. She would save her people.

During her brief visit to the present she’d learned when and how her people would die—prematurely and unjustly—in the past. She intended to rectify her mistake.

That mistake had been cowardice. She’d hidden from her enemy, not realizing a cataclysmic natural disaster would annihilate her people whom she’d left leaderless. Had she foreseen the disaster, she would never have hidden. At least I wanted to believe that.

However, had she not hidden she’d never have awakened in the present. She’d never have known of the danger, but quickly I digress…

Five years ago, she’d returned home, vowing to lead them to safety. I over-simplify a complex chain of events, but bear with me. I left out the part where her enemy, Clydus, the High Druid, had also learned of the disaster and leveraged it to his advantage. Her people hadn’t died of natural causes. They’d been murdered. Let me explain.

That vile, pock-faced High Druid had chased Eliyana across centuries and into the present. He’d intended to murder her to prevent her from doubling back to save her people. Again, I over-simplify. There was a lot of whizzing about through time. That’s because of Lumen. While it looked like a powerful sword—and was really—it wasn’t ordinary. It existed outside time, which allowed its bearer to travel through time. Eliyana bore Lumen. Clydus wanted it. That part was simple.

And how had Clydus traveled if he didn’t have the sword? While he knew dark magic, that wasn’t enough, so I couldn’t say for certain.

Ultimately, everyone had been killed over possession of the sword.

So why hadn’t she fulfilled her promise? “Clydus didn’t murder her,” I said out loud. “I helped capture him.”

When she returned she knew the date of the natural disaster. She knew how Clydus had orchestrated their deaths. She had him in custody. She still failed! “How does that happen?” I repeated. She did know everything…right?


The answer isn’t easily answered. Catch up with Jamie as she tries to set right a 1500 year-old cold case to solve the murder of hundreds of people. Is it even possible to stop a killer after so long? What are the consequences if you do?

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