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Merry Christmas from Jamie Poole

As we wind down the 2018 year, all of us at Jamie Poole Books would like to thank you, our readers. We truly appreciate your support and following this and every year.

Now that the Destiny of the Departed is fully realized, Jamie Poole is by no means finished with her mission. This unassuming hero is only getting started with her mission and the otherworldly sword that enables her to travel in Time.

As we look to 2019, I wanted to let you know that Jamie will be releasing two new books.

The first, The Wild Hunt, tells how Jamie came to receive Lumen. This ties in with The Tome of Tubal-Cain wherein Jamie hears the tale of the Wild Hunt, a supernatural group of hunters known in several European folklore traditions. A mysterious woman, remarkably resembling Eliyana is said to ride with the Hunt. Immediately after learning of the Wild Hunt, which is told more as a real event and not folklore, she discovers Lumen in a supernatural storm. This leaves her restless and full of questions. The Wild Hunt fills in the blanks as it is told partly from Eliyana’s perspective and is set many decades after Destiny of the Departed. (Perhaps that’s a spoiler!) It will be a bitter-sweet tale that will take us to the final days of her life. It’s a must-have for any Jamie Poole fan.

The second will resume immediately after Destiny of the Departed: Sisterhood of the Sword. Set in modern and World War II-era Halifax, Canada, Jamie will once again travel through Time, unwillingly this time. She will also come face-to-face with Tristan, who has assumed a role in the war. Can she outwit him and escape back to the present? Like any good psychopath he makes unbelievable promises and hints at information she desperately wishes to know regarding her dad and his identity. Is it worth the sacrifice to learn her dad’s identity or is Tristan merely taunting her? Perhaps a bit of both. There is more talk of the stolen alabaster statue and much, much more.

Each book in the series assumes its own personality. I enjoy dedicating the books to individuals who have been significant in my life and represent the essence of the book. 2019’s books will be dedicated to a special friend who “likes a good yarn” and to relatives who have served in World War II and more recently in the armed forces.

In 2020 more books are underway as Jamie’s adventures continue. (Perhaps the fact I am at NASA is a veiled clue to a future story!) As always, I look forward to sharing these books with you.

So, from all of us here at Jamie Poole Books, we wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are grateful to each and every one of you!


To get your copy of Destiny of the Departed, here are handy links. It can be purchased on any Amazon store as well as Kobo and GooglePlay.

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