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Book signings in a snow storm

First, since today is International Women’s Day, let us all thank those important women in our life!

Yesterday was the official launch of Resurrection of the Druidess, and we did our first book signing of the year at Dartmouth Book Exchange in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Thank you to the ladies there who coordinated the event!

We had a good turnout despite the snow which seemed to hover just over the store. I should wonder if I’m that kid from Peanuts who had the cloud hanging over him! (jk)

The biggest question I’ll probably get when I do a book signing is, “Who’s Jamie?” or “Tell me about Jamie.” Of course since she’s my lead character, that’s a very fair question!

Jamie Poole introduces herself: You’re probably asking who this Jamie Poole is. I’m not so different from you. Just a kid trying to find her way. I’m neither pretty nor ugly. I’m not rich. I grew up in Alexandria, Indiana, part of a close family—minus a dad, who disappeared when I was six months old. My mom worked two jobs to keep food on the table and clothes on my back.

Jamie grew up in Alexandria, Indiana. That’s important to note because first, it’s a real place! I once lived near there and drove through Alexandria to my job in nearby Anderson. Jamie’s mother’s family are Andersons. I could have picked Alexandria, VA, or any other Alexandria, but I picked this one. Every place she references is real. But why Alexandria? This is a historical science fiction series. And there are many references to Alexandria, Egypt. I paired the two up. Coincidentally now, Netflix’s Stranger Things takes place in Hawkins, which is a fictional town, but is located somewhere near Alexandria.

(Notice the box addressed to Jamie beside me?)

Jamie loves Alexandria, but she’s destined for greater things. Her adventures will lead her to find a strange artifact in the fair, located across the street from her home. That’s a weird place to find a strange artifact, but that’s the point. From something so ordinary launches an adventure that is anything but. She finds her estranged dad, an Egyptologist, who has been missing since she was 6 months old. There’s a mystery here highlighted in big flashing letters!

Eventually they join up and enter an adventure that launches them into Time and Space. I did say it was science-fiction, right? Think Outlander meets Harry Potter with Stranger Things in between. In my second book, Resurrection of the Druidess, clearly supernatural things are happening.

As the book titles are revealing, each book will take place in a different place and, perhaps, a different time. Historical details pertaining to that time are included. This means we have Druids, Druidesses, and Vikings. We also have local gods and goddesses make their appearance. Many of these older groups of people have fascinating stories. We must still think they're fascinating. Consider Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. We even have six-fingered beings called Nephilim. Think that’s weird? Supernatural had a season where they appeared. I stick closer to historical fact and the accepted mythology.

That said, while all books currently exist in eBook format, the goal is to get them all into paper so that I can do signings like this. I’m also adding alternate content not in the eBooks presently. It is my goal to have Tome of Tubal-Cain in paperback next. It is the third in the series and takes place both in Montana and 6000 years ago in Shuruppak. That’s where the Nephilim live. It is, after all, a story that takes place across Time and Space.

The Jamie Poole Diaries will be eleven books in total with a few short stories thrown in for fun. Keep an eye out as they make their way. If you’re not in the Atlantic Canadian area, these books will also be available on Amazon.

Did you miss yesterday’s book signing? Don’t worry! We’ll be at Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles March 14!

Note the fan wearing a Jamie Poole-inspired shirt. These are available on Redbubble (#rbfanart) or from Jamie Poole Books. Check the Books & Merchandise section.


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