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Destiny of the Departed

It’s hard to keep it straight. I’ve lived decades, and yet I don’t look a day over twenty. All this has happened before. All this will happen again. It is the Osirian cycle. Every sunrise entails a repetition of the first creation which takes place outside time.

A timeless “present.” The idea of timelessness is like the ouroboros chasing its tail. Sunrise, sunset, sunrise…

I gaze at the sunrise until the sun has scaled the highest mountains and dangles in an endless sky of purest blue. I fixate on its ascent and am oblivious to my glasses as they slip to the end of my nose.

Jamie Poole confides this in her first book, The Isle of Osiris. The confession introduces the idea of a circular cycle. Beginning, ending, beginning, and ending again. Round and round we go. That was the beginning.

With the announcement of the fifth book in paper, Destiny of the Departed, we find ourselves somewhere in the middle of the Jamie Poole saga. Where exactly in the middle? Does it matter, Jamie would challenge.

If she is correct, all this will repeat anyway.

This might have something to do with the fact that, for Jamie, Time is broken. See the blog on that if you haven't read it already.

This introduces the idea that Jamie lives in a Multiverse. And, what exactly is a Multiverse? If you've lived under a rock and missed all the sci-fi shows on it, I'll give a brief description. Perhaps now is the time to do that since Jamie's world is about to splinter into a bunch of timelines and things are going to get a bit slippy. Tristan would advise you to take notes and pay attention. Villains are good like that. They taunt you to pay attention while they sneak off and do villainy stuff.

First, Jamie says: The idea of timelessness is like the ouroboros chasing its tail. An ouroboros is an ancient symbol. It is a circular symbol depicting a snake, or less commonly a dragon, swallowing its tail, as an emblem of wholeness or infinity. This article gives a brief history. In Jamie Poole lore and other modern lore--books, movies, and TV shows--this symbol has come to indicate, among other things, the inter-connectedness of everything.

Kinda like a Multiverse. The multiverse is a hypothetical group of multiple universes. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, information, and the physical laws and constants that describe them. The different universes within the multiverse are called "parallel universes," "other universes," "alternate universes," or "many worlds."

To this point, Jamie Poole has hinted at the idea there "might" be a multiverse impacting her existence and some of the supernatural events surrounding her. Destiny of the Departed confirms 100% that she exists in a Multiverse. In fact, she lives in a broken timeline within that.

Not a good place to be!

Time is broken. It is up to Jamie to fix it. This is the beginning of her fixing it. Or the end. Take your pick. We're somewhere in the middle.

Destiny of the Departed is out in July 2022. Get the book!


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