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Hello, Dartmouth Book Exchange!

Hello, Dartmouth Book Exchange! And so begins an end-of-year tour of Nova Scotia introducing my latest book, Sisterhood of the Sword. This book features Jamie Poole and is set in Nova Scotia. I’m very excited to bring several pieces of Nova Scotia history into a world of historical science fiction.

A psychopath time traveler splices reality into a Multiverse, and Jamie must stop him. But can she before she’s erased? This journey has brought her to Halifax. Specifically, 1942. Nova Scotia is gripped by war. Foreign spies are hidden throughout the city. If you know anything about Halifax history you will know this to be truth. The time travel part not so much. But it certainly is a good landscape to weave a story together with facts and science fiction.

During this week I will be introducing aspects of Sisterhood of the Sword, including taking a walking tour through Nova Scotia. This tour will include areas featured in this book and throughout the series. While the series is not totally situated in Nova Scotia, this province plays a central role from the first page of the first book all the way (spoilers) to where the series will eventually end. Sisterhood of the Sword is definitely not the ending. This is where things really get interesting.

This is where Jamie Poole finally meets the psychopath time traveler who has desperately dropping clues in hopes of this meeting. We’ll call him Tristan. It’s one of the names he goes by, but like any good villain, we can’t be absolutely certain it is his real name. No more than we can be certain his face is his real face. He is a shapeshifter. Disguises have allowed him to slip in and out of Time, and in and out of Jamie's life. When Jamie meets him in 1942, will she be able to stop him?

Will she find the relic she has come to Nova Scotia to claim?

And just as importantly, can she return home?

Jamie is aware of the dangers of time travel, and she is not eager to travel. Too much can go wrong. What if she changes history by being there?

Tristan would say, “Just by being here, you’ve changed history.”

Jamie will have to be very careful what she does and how she influences Time. She could change the future. She could erase herself.

But come with me, Dartmouth! We will explore Jamie’s world of Nova Scotia. We will see the real locations used in Sisterhood of the Sword, both in present time and in the past.

While Sisterhood of the Sword is set in Nova Scotia, the first mention of Nova Scotia is in the first book, The Isle of Osiris. From there, some reference is made in every book. It helps one of the main characters is from Windsor. Two books in the series take place in Nova Scotia. The first is Sisterhood of the Sword. The second is Doyle Dalton’s Diary (presently in eBook only), where part of the book is set here.

Nova Scotia events included in the series are The Halifax Explosion, events around both World Wars, and the mystery that brings Jamie to Halifax in present day. There are more events in future books, but to talk of them would be revealing spoilers, so I’ll leave that as a tease. There is A LOT more of Nova Scotia to be shared in the series!

We will also explore locations throughout the Maritimes mentioned in the series that may be “somewhere else.” Television is notorious for filming so much in locations like Vancouver, Toronto, or here in Nova Scotia. (Did you see Hallmark was just here filming a Christmas movie?) I admit to being equally guilty. Doyle Dalton’s Australian home is actually here. So is the Otherworld. Come with me, and I will show you.

And since this is the first stop on my journey of bringing Jamie Poole to Nova Scotia, here are other locations where you can see me this year.

You can also purchase any of the Jamie Poole Books directly from the author. Arrangements can be made by emailing:

In working with Hal-Con there can be arrangements for drop off within Halifax as we are a virtual vendor. Additionally two preferred vendors can also assist you in getting the books any time of year:

I want to thank the wonderful staff at Dartmouth Book Exchange for giving me this opportunity to bring Sisterhood of the Sword to you. If you want this book or any other in the series, they can help you get it and autographed. All books are $25. If you purchase three or more, I will include a surprise gift. It’s going to be a fun week. Are you ready to come with me, Dear Reader?


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