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Jamie Poole in Halifax

In 2023, a new paperback will become available internationally. Sisterhood of the Sword! Jamie will time travel to 1942 Halifax, Nova Scotia, and find herself in the middle of wars. The World War AND a war with the mysterious Tristan, Monster of Time. This is the book everyone has been waiting for: The unique history of Halifax, a city at war, and more revelations about who and what Tristan actually is. A quick excerpt with much more to come!

I regarded him skeptically as Tristan continued to block the door. “Why did you really bring me here?”

He sighed heavily. “You’re a clever cog. Don’t expect me to reveal all my tricks. A good magician never does. Just begin where I manipulated events, not you, to ensure you were here tonight.”

“Sure, OK,” I countered sarcastically.

Tristan leaned back, and smiled in the face of my anger, he rasped like Joker again. “I suppose I could have popped by your dorm, shared a cuppa, and all that boring nonsense. I could have given you a proper invitation and the opportunity to accept or decline. But I love chaos too much. I don’t do mundane. And you have to admit, this is fun! What’s more fun than Nazis, ancient secrets, stolen relics, war, and espionage? Unless maybe Vikings or pirates, but we can’t have everything all at once!”


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