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Then and Now: How It All Began

Remember when Marvel’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was recognized for breaking the fourth wall? Breaking the fourth wall is defined by the Free Dictionary as: The imaginary barrier that is considered to separate the audience from the characters in a play or other live performance.

While it was novel for Marvel to do this, it is not the first show or piece of art to do this. Jamie Poole’s books are written like diaries. Jamie confides her personal reflections as she tells of how it all began. She, too, breaks the fourth wall as she invites you, Dear Reader, to “Come with me if you dare. I will show you worlds where the Supernatural crosses freely between its plane and ours, where science and science fiction's borders blur...” Often, when she’s at her darkest point in a situation, she will again turn to the reader and demand, “What would you have done differently? I'm all ears.” The diaries are intended to engage.

Before Jamie travels to World War II Halifax in Sisterhood of the Sword on a quest to recover a critical artifact, and before Jamie first travels in Time, she hears Voices of the Dead. It is the first symptom in the special set of skills that allow her to travel in and outside of Time. (Spoilers, she can do more than that!) It is the Dead who invite her to take that big step: to travel where no one should go. She is an unwilling participant because she realizes the risks of travel. The Butterfly Effect.

Before I give this blog over to Jamie--and she's dying to take the wheel!--would you like to meet the author this month or in December? We’ve got events coming up fast!

You can also purchase any of the Jamie Poole Books directly from the author. Arrangements can be made by emailing:

In working with Hal-Con there can be arrangements for drop off within Halifax as we are a virtual vendor. Additionally two preferred vendors can also assist you in getting the books any time of year:

Speaking of the Dead talking, welcome to The Old Burying Ground located in downtown Halifax. There are more than 10,000 people buried in downtown Halifax. They are buried here, under churches, and even under the streets. The Old Burying Ground used to be considerably larger than it is today. There are many notable residents here. Perhaps one of the more notable is Major-General Robert Ross. He was an Irish officer in the British Army who served in the Napoleonic Wars and its theatre in North America in the War of 1812. Most notably he is known for directing troops to burn down many of Washington D.C.’s buildings, including the White House.

So, on to Jamie and where it all first began. Here is an excerpt from The Isle of Osiris where Jamie first introduces herself and explains that her destiny began with Voices of the Dead speaking to her. The time traveling comes later. It is the Voices of the Dead who convince her to come to them. Jamie is the daughter of the enigmatic Brett Poole. Because of that, she never stood a chance of growing up “normal.” As to Brett and what makes him enigmatic, we will do a blog very soon to explore that.

Have a read from the first page of the first book:

This is the beginning, isn’t it? My name is Jamie Lane Poole. And you have found my secret diary. You must have gone to extraordinary lengths to locate it. I know, because I know how carefully I hid it with its companions. Perhaps one day you and I will meet. You can tell me what risks you took to uncover my secret. I trust you will preserve the knowledge within these covers.

My story is lengthy, sometimes a bit complicated, but it’s a story worth telling, even if hiding it was necessary. I did so regretfully.

While these diaries bear my name they are but one chapter in the history of an ancient relic: an Otherworldly sword called Lumen. I have been charged to protect it and use it for good. Its story, expanding beyond me, encompasses many women of many ages—ordinary women like me, bound as Sisters by a sword that is anything but ordinary. Others before me have written their own accounts—and hidden them. Like you, I uncovered some of them. One day I hope to pass Lumen to a chosen Sister.

You’re probably asking who this Jamie Poole is. I’m not so different from you. Just a kid trying to find her way. I’m neither pretty nor ugly. I’m not rich. I grew up in Alexandria, Indiana, part of a close family—minus a dad, who disappeared when I was six months old. Mom worked two jobs to keep food on the table and clothes on my back.

I met Dad when I was twelve. My dad is a complicated, secretive man. Not his smallest secret, but one of his most complicated ones, is the fact he studied as a paleontologist and somewhere along the way became fascinated with Egyptology and “converted” to an archaeologist. Related bedfellows, true. I wish I had an easy answer for his choice. That, amongst other things, has prompted me on a venture to uncover his many secrets. In doing so, I will better understand him. It will help me understand myself.

All of us are born with destinies. You were born with a destiny, even if you don’t realize it yet. My destiny comes with a unique gift. I hear the Dead. I am called to help those who died too soon or at the hands of Evil and right the injustice.

To be honest, I was utterly and wholly unprepared. But really, how can one prepare for something as astonishing as this? If you have ideas, I’d love to hear them. But this is my story and how I came to accept the unexpected: that first time the Dead spoke, and I realized who was speaking.

Quickly, Dear Reader, go now to the next page! See how it all began…

And here we will leave her until next time.


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