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What's new, Jamie Poole?

Welcome to 2021!!

Book Signings

Due to the pandemic, there will be few or no local festivals--at least not in the near future--and no book signings. That said, it will be business as usual--just like last year. If you're interested in a signed copy of one of my books, I've got you covered. We will continue to do on-demand cubside dropoff in the Nova Scotia area. Arrangements need to be made in advance. You can email me at or purchase books through either:

If you require a book shipped, shipping costs will be in addition to price of book. Please email me to discuss how this works.

Additionally, Amazon has you covered. You can also purchase eBooks or paper books on Amazon.

Questions, feel free to contact me with the email address above.

New Books!

Let's get to the fun announcement!

There will be a new eBook, Time by Einstein, released later this year. I expect it will be released somewhere around Halloween. Stay tuned for more announcements on that.

As far as new books in paper, due to the pandemic, that project is presently on hold. That's not to say there won't be any, but it may be closer to Christmas. There are two books planned for paper release, and I want to ensure everyone's safety in coming out to traditional book signings and festivals to get your copy. That said, we are looking forward to getting back together with our fans! Stay tuned for more announcements on which books will be arriving in paper!

I want to thank everyone who supported me last year. You are amazing! I want to thank Dartmouth Book Exchange and Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles for their support.

And the best news!

There will be sales run periodically throughout the year. Keep a careful watch for those announcements!

Additionally, there may be one more announcement, but presently, we're going to keep that entirely a secret.

If you have not subscribed to this blog, do so! You don't want to miss out on what will still be a fun year for Jamie Poole!


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