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Who is Jamie Poole? As she is written.

This is a companion blog to this one. A character can view herself differently than we, the reader might view them. When I began writing Jamie Poole books, I wanted to be as inclusive as possible. This is true for both reader and character.

Many of the characters deal with personal issues as many of us do. Some are neurodiverse. Some are members of the LGBTQ+ community. Some are witty. Others, evasive and antisocial. Still others are purely eclectic. (Watch those, they hide more than you can imagine.) Collectively they are a slice of humanity as we see reflected in the world around us. These characters are not going to put labels on themselves. You'll have to meet them and get to know them.

Specifically about the readers of Jamie Poole, I have readers from age ten to age ninety. The Jamie Poole series is written for a broad-aged audience. Think Doctor Who meets Indiana Jones.

Although lacking strong profanity, gore, or explicit sex scenes, it receives a PG rating for action, suspense, and supernatural mayhem. Brett Poole, an Egyptologist, entices a mature audience who enjoy the adventures of Tolkien or Indiana Jones. As his daughter, Jamie imagines him as a Jones-type figure while she grows up estranged from him. Jamie draws a younger crowd while appealing to mature audiences because, as a child of a single-parent home and someone who is headstrong and well-read in the sciences and literature, she speaks intelligently. Her voice is in part a narration of her adult-self reflecting back on past events. The series is steeped in mythology in a modern world that appeals to fans of television shows such as Outlander, Stranger Things or Dark. Since I was born in the same area where Stranger Things is set, Jamie’s story also begins here. Jamie was conceived before Stranger Things, so this is entirely a coincidence and her hometown is not fictional.

Jamie Poole is Magic Realism. For those unfamiliar with that term, this series contains time travel. That automatically labels it as science fiction. There is also science fact. There is history. After all, with time travel, we are exploring all of Time and Space. There is drama, conflict, tears, and laughter. There are gods, monster, worlds outside our plane of existence. The Dead have much to say, and even Jamie's departed grandfather is a main character. This may sound familiar like other books on the market. And that is true. However, there is nothing else quite like Jamie Poole Books.

To be more specific, here is how it compares to other popular series:

Herein lays a confession, breaking the fourth wall as Jamie challenges the reader’s opinion. (Imagine Marvel's She-Hulk) She hears Voices of the Dead. When she discovers an odd statue and the Voices sing louder, she is compelled to find her estranged dad, an Egyptologist. So begins a journey-quest through alternate presents, pasts, and stranger places in-between: a Multiverse. You might see some familiarities with Marvel's Loki. (Have you seen Season 2, Episode 5 yet?? When you watch it, you might get the extra giggle to authors.) However, to stay on track, there is even a psychopath time traveler. Loki is a trickster god in Norse mythology.

Jamie must stop this psychopath time traveler intent on destroying Time. Although she doesn’t grasp his motivation, it’s connected to her dad and the statue. Everything is connected. And everything changed when she resurrected that Druidess. Although an accidental act, she bears full responsibility. Jamie layers mythology atop a modern world like Ginther’s Thunder Road, while lacking the beer and cigarettes, thus broadening her audience. Wizardry melds with a modern world that has forgotten magic like Maas’s Throne of Glass. In this race around the world, in alternate histories as intricate as Clark’s A Master of Djinn, Jamie relies on the help of friends, ancient gods, ancestors, and ghosts. While there are fewer rules than Huff’s Seven Rules of Time Travel there are as many chances to get it wrong. This is magic realism at its best, and there is nothing else quite like it.

And since there is nothing else quite like it, why not give it a try or gift it to someone for Christmas who enjoys this genre?

We've already had a busy year. Hal-Con 2023 just ended. But there is one more event where you can see Jamie Poole and get autographed books:

You can also purchase any of the Jamie Poole Books directly from the author. Arrangements can be made by emailing:

In working with Hal-Con there can be arrangements for drop off within Halifax as we are a virtual vendor. Additionally two preferred vendors can also assist you in getting the books any time of year:


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