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Creating Lumen

In Tome of Tubal-Cain, the third Jamie Poole book, we learn how Tubal-Cain created Lumen from an unnamed white metal found in only one mine. That mine's location is a secret known only to him. Per the Genesis story of Tubal-Cain, he is the first blacksmith. In Jamie lore, he creates weapons and idols and is known for having a fiery temper. For his idol creation, he uses this unusually strong white metal to add a flair to decorative pieces. When his sister, Naamah, was attacked by a band of Nephilim--giants--he vows to create a sword she can use to defend herself. Naamah is no helpless princess. She is as strong-headed as her brother but with a gentleness he can only appreciate. He spares no expense in creating his sister's sword. If you wish to read the story, there's a link above.

Suffice it to say, the sword had to be wicked and beautiful and infused with Naamah's beauty and not Tubal-Cain's rage. Naamah became the first Emissary or woman to bear Lumen, an otherworldly sword that exists outside Time. There is something about that white metal! (Spoilers, an upcoming book will reveal what that is.) Lumen, as it is known, is handed down from woman to woman in every generation until Eliyana. She time travels forward and gives it to Jamie, skipping almost 1500 years of when women might have passed the sword between generations. Why? (That is also a plot point spread across several books.)

But this blog isn't about Jamie or Naamah or Eliyana or the Nephilim--one of whom received a near-death blow from Lumen when he foolishly attacked Naamah after she received the sword. (In his defense, he had no idea what Tubal-Cain had been up to.)

This blog is about Lumen.

Almost two years ago I began talking with Rae O'Neil, a local artist, prop designer and 'maker' operating under the name Gamma Rae Design, about creating a life-size replica of Lumen. Due to the pandemic, plans were put on pause. A few weeks ago I released a video of when Rae brought Lumen over for the unveiling. She spent time over the summer taking my concept drawings and walking the steps of Tubal-Cain. (I can assure you he did not reveal the location of that secret mine!) The results are stunning!

Rae created Lumen as a digital rendering first. Then came days of printing. The sword had to be created period-specific. It does not look like swords you might see in Medieval sword fights. This sword was created 6000 years ago, according to the Tubal-Cain timeline. I could give more details on why it is shaped this way specifically, but these were early days of sword creation, and this was what worked for blacksmiths of the time. The shape of the sword would evolve over time into what you may be more familiar with. But for shape and size, this became the wicked sword conceived in the book series.

The blade itself is two parts. These had to be painted to give it the image of being fabricated from metal.

The sapphire is hollow and lights up to give it the illusion of glowing as Lumen will do when activated by some supernatural force.

The hilt was wrapped with leather.

In both of these pictures you can see the Proto-Cuneiform text written on the blade. This is the oldest form of writing on the planet. Tubal-Cain scribed something into the blade after it was freshly created to instill goodness in it despite the fact it would be a weapon of destruction. What he wrote, you'll have to read the book to find out!

In the coming weeks we will continue the reveal of Lumen.

Lumen the sword has existed to this point in the pages of a book series and in drawings, including a design that is for sale at book signings. Now it exists "in the flesh." Lumen will be traveling with me to book signings next year. If you want to see Lumen in person continue to follow me at Jamie Poole Books or on Facebook or Twitter. I will post scheduled events to all locations.


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