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Happy Birthday, Mr. Poe

Even the most casual reader of the Jamie Poole Books should recognize the heavy influence of Edgar Allen Poe within each book. From practically page one of the first book, The Isle of Osiris, a body of ghosts which Jamie names the Chorus of Displaced Voices chants: “Be wary of that one—Freddie. Your paths will cross again. Ready yourself. Help the boy Dalton and the girl named for Poe.”  

Be wary indeed. That warning will continue into the seventh book (available late 2024) and beyond. The series does not end with Book Seven.

If you've read my biography, you will know I began reading Edgar Allan Poe at a young age. And so today, January 19, we recognize his 215th birthday. I swear he doesn't look a day over 40!

This warning with references to Poe is by no means the only influence Poe has in the Jamie Poole series. In Resurrection of the Druidess there is mention of Poe's Some Words with a Mummy. It's inspired by the idea that Eliyana was dead and buried in a sarcophagus, and now she is resurrected.

To list every reference to Poe is needless. After all, I'll point to the psychopath time traveler, Tristan Poe. He has introduced himself under a few names, but this is one of his favorite guises. Only he can explain why he picked it, but it must related in some way to the Chorus of Displaced Voices' warning. Be wary. Tristan enjoys quoting Poe and a few other people, from Shakespeare and Batman's Joker. He really isn't original, but it's all part of his ploy to disarm Jamie and catch her unaware. I hope she's paying attention. Are you? (That would be his question.)

Here's the biggest clue about Book Seven, which has yet to be named. There are more themes related to Poe in this story. Tristan has upped his game. We're past the middle now. He must stop Jamie, who so far has proven unstoppable. His goal? He wants to erase Jamie Poole from the timeline. That will break Time. He will attempt a very Poe-esque trick. Edgar Allen Poe is famous for his stories of people being buried alive and being walled up in the basement while still alive. What has Tristan in mind for Jamie? And can she continue to outsmart him? All of Time is depending on that!

While you wait for Book Seven, you can purchase any of the Jamie Poole Books directly from the author. Arrangements can be made by emailing: 

Additionally Dartmouth Book Exchange is a preferred vendor who can assist you in getting the books any time of year.


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