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Jamie Poole at The Fantastic Grown-Up Book Fair

Here are some important details when you come to the Fantastic Grown-Up Book Fair this Saturday, December 9, in Truro, Nova Scotia.

Payment options:

* Square card reader for debit and credit card purchases.

* Cash

* Interac e-Transfer

There are also promotions for book purchases:

Jamie Poole Books would like to introduce the book fair special. Each book is $25. If you buy 3 or more, you will receive a special gift while supplies last. If you buy all 6, we will give you one book free and a special gift. Stock up for the holidays!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, who is Jamie Poole? What is this series about?

It is Historical Science fiction. More specifically, it is Magic Realism. According to Wikipedia, this is defined as: Magic realism or magical realism is a style of literary fiction and art. It paints a realistic view of the world while also adding magical elements, often blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. Magic realism often refers to literature in particular, with magical or supernatural phenomena presented in an otherwise real-world or mundane setting, commonly found in novels and dramatic performances.  Despite including certain magic elements, it is generally considered to be a different genre from fantasy because magical realism uses a substantial amount of realistic detail and employs magical elements to make a point about reality, while fantasy stories are often separated from reality. Magical realism is often seen as an amalgamation of real and magical elements that produces a more inclusive writing form than either literary realism or fantasy.

The series is written in first person as diaries.

Herein lays a confession, breaking the fourth wall as Jamie challenges the reader’s opinion. She hears Voices of the Dead. When she discovers an odd statue and the Voices sing louder, she is compelled to find her estranged dad, an Egyptologist. So begins a journey-quest through alternate presents, pasts, and stranger places in-between: a Multiverse.

Jamie must stop a psychopath time traveler intent on destroying Time. Although she doesn’t grasp his motivation, it’s connected to her dad and the statue. Everything is connected. And everything changed when she resurrected that Druidess. Although an accidental act, she bears full responsibility. Jamie layers mythology atop a modern world. There is no series quite like this.

The Jamie Poole series is written for a broad-aged audience. Although lacking strong profanity, gore, or explicit sex scenes, it receives a PG rating for action, suspense, and supernatural mayhem. Brett Poole, an Egyptologist, entices a mature audience who enjoy the adventures of Tolkien or Indiana Jones. As his daughter, Jamie imagines him as a Jones-type figure while she grows up estranged from him. Jamie draws a younger crowd while appealing to mature audiences because, as a child of a single-parent home and someone who is headstrong and well-read in the sciences and literature, she speaks intelligently. Her voice is in part a narration of her adult-self reflecting back on past events. The series is steeped in mythology in a modern world that appeals to fans of television shows such as Outlander, Stranger Things or Dark. Since I was born in the same area where Stranger Things is set, Jamie’s story also begins here. Jamie was conceived before Stranger Things, so this is entirely a coincidence and her hometown is not fictional.

We can't wait to see you at The Fantastic Grown-Up Book Fair!


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