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Jamie Poole's Christmas Special

Jamie Poole Book's events have come to an end with the Fantastic Grown-Up Book Fair. That does not mean, however, that we can sit back and relax. There's much to do, and there are only 13 days until Christmas.

We continue to partner with Hal-Con as a virtual vendor and with other preferred vendors in the Halifax area.

As a Christmas special, we are offering this desktop shelf custom designed to hold the Jamie Poole series present and future. The shelf is crafted from solid white pine with red oak trim. It was crafted by the same local artisan who made the Time is Broken clock that was featured at book events.

If you are interested in this bookshelf, purchase a full set of the Jamie Poole Books at a price of $149. Dropoff for autographed books and this shelf can be made within the HRM with pre-arrangements with us. Contact info is in the picture above, or our website, or Hal-Con's website. Our website provides payment options.

Stay tuned as we will continue to promote the existing books, with options throughout the year to expand your collection. Additionally, there will be new events and a NEW BOOK next year!

You really want to stay tuned!


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