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Meet Jamie and the author

Soon we will be announcing the "where" but we can announce now that there will be opportunities later this year to meet the author of the Jamie Poole series and to buy autographed copies in person! Meanwhile, it is possible to get your summer reading fix now.

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To buy the books: Check out the Jamie website and click on Buy the Books. Details for arranging purchase are there. Additionally, there are two preferred vendors: Dartmouth Book Exchange and Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles who can both assist you in the same. Halifax, the books are here!

The latest book, Sisterhood of the Sword, is set in World War II era Halifax and Nova Scotia. Other books are placed in different locations to fit the history of the story. There is, after all, time travel, so books are situated anywhere and everywhere in Time. However, there is one primary character who was born in Windsor, Nova Scotia, who is featured throughout the series. And there are other characters from America, Scotland, Egypt, and places farther away, including the Otherworld, who play primary roles in this saga. I guarantee you will see your city in an entirely new light. There will be time travelers, Nazi spies, and pirates. Never mind the Fae and the Voices of the Dead who are prevalent throughout.

The Jamie Poole series is written for a broad-aged audience. Although lacking strong profanity, gore, or explicit sex scenes, it receives a PG rating for action, suspense, and supernatural mayhem. Brett Poole, an Egyptologist, entices a mature audience who enjoy the adventures of Tolkien or Indiana Jones. As his daughter, Jamie imagines him as a Jones-type figure while she grows up estranged from him. Jamie draws a younger crowd while appealing to mature audiences because, as a child of a single-parent home and someone who is headstrong and well-read in the sciences and literature, she speaks intelligently. Her voice is in part a narration of her adult-self reflecting back on past events. The series is steeped in mythology in a modern world that appeals to fans of television shows such as Outlander, Stranger Things or Dark. Since I was born in the same area where Stranger Things is set, Jamie’s story also begins here. Jamie was conceived before Stranger Things, so this is entirely a coincidence and her hometown is not fictional.

We look forward to seeing all of you very soon!


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