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Where Jamie Began

I love hearing from fans. I'd love to hear from YOU, if you're reading this. However, there is one misconception that I hear repeated a lot in fan mail. Fans think I am Jamie Poole. I am not. Let me set the record straight on that.

The Jamie Poole arc is the story of a young woman and her quest to find an absent dad. (Yes, there's more to the arc, but if you've read a single book, you know that already.) Some readers have mistaken that I did not know my dad, and that I am telling my own story.

The fact is that while I grew up in small town Indiana like Jamie, I know my dad. Further, (and this would be where Jamie and I overlap) my dad has strongly influenced my life.

My dad is not an Egyptologist. He did make some significant contributions to some household things, but this blog is not intended to tell you about the man. This blog is intended to thank the man, my father.

When I was Jamie's age in The Isle of Osiris, I hated to read. One day my dad took me to a bookstore with no obvious objective. He simply wanted to go to the bookstore and I happened to be in the car. As he perused the shelves, he would pull off a book here or there and say, "You might like this." He handed me the books that would mold me into what I am. As I state in my biography on this website, authors like Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, and Robert Louis Stevenson among others were very influential on a very young me. They have been influential in the design of the Jamie Poole series.

If my dad gave me those books with a purpose, he has yet to admit that to me. And good on you, Dad. You turned me into a voracious reader. And now a series of books exist out of that love for reading. The inspiration you instilled in me has now been shared by the readers of the Jamie Poole Books.

Oh, and there's another overlap with Jamie Poole and her dad. My dad introduced me to Doctor Who. So there is that. I can see where fans might try to stretch things. The rest of the character Jamie Poole is entirely her own person. But, she would not exist had my dad not handed me that first book and said, "You might like this."

And if you, Dear Reader, have not read a Jamie Poole book, take my dad's advice. "You might like this." Visit Jamie Poole Books' website or your local Amazon store. I've already provided you a link above to the first book in series.


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